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  1. I hope there will be a box edition (why not collector with stuff unnecessarily necessary) ...
  2. If they want to add this option, fine for those who love, but personally I NEVER play a game like this in TPS view... it's just awful (especially when the title is planned for the view to the first person). For example in recent Fallout this view is extremely ugly (with poor animations).
  3. Indeed, it seems that the development started in 2015, which is therefore reasonable for a release during the year.
  4. Indeed, it would be nice to have information on one of these days ... rather than the fact that there are or not romances (for example ^^ ).
  5. I did not follow too much, but Obsidian communicated about classes and skills or not yet? TY
  6. I trust Obsidian to make a good game with or without romances. They make good games, period. And the idea that flirting with an NPC as part of a romance portion of a game has anything to do with "feeling better" is about as accurate as the idea that combat, exploration, inventory management, or quest completion have anything to do with "feeling better". Yes, you're right... but i am surprised to see that the main concern of the members of this forum since the announcement of the game is ... "romances" (this is the subject that I always see go back and with the most views). Still, is this
  7. Wrong. Half of the answers are there to say that we do not care about "Romance" and trust Obsidian to make a good game (and no need to flirt a pile of pixels to feel better before turning off your PC).
  8. No kidding ... the first topic of the forum on such an ambitious game is about "no romance" ?! And then we are surprised by the caricatures of the "gamers" ...
  9. Obsi' it's time to give us some goodies and wallpapers ! My job-mates need to know why i'll have to get lot of vacation next year !
  10. Audio is only "English" or can we expect something more (French for me) ? For example, Kingdom Come Deliverance had a good audio adaptation... (for a little studio, so Obsidian (and Private Division) can do something no ?)
  11. 2.5Millions now. You forget some points : - VGA event - From the orginal creators of FALLOUT - And the Developpers of FALLOUT NV This... one month after the poor Fallout 76.
  12. Same here. And more "animations" when walking with gun in hand please (actually it's too static)
  13. ... Man was made to love. So love IRL and let's designer make the Game they want to do. That's all. Romance in games is not necessary for all the case...
  14. The romances are often ridiculous and breaks the rhythm and personality of the characters ... it's childish and irrelevant, at least as it's done in recent years ... If it fits strongly in the narrative I do not see any problem with that, but when it's making **** to fill a stupid specification, it's better to do without and focus on the heart of the game! Good choice i guess!
  15. Nothing more except that I hope there will be support for widescreen !
  16. Sad news if it's confirmed ... And what will become the "Indiana Project" (The Outer Worlds), Microsoft will still kill a future title in progress?
  17. I think the license will take a little rest after this year of DLC ... On the 3rd I will not plan it for several years. By cons it will be hard not to talk about "Eternity" in Pillars.
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