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  1. off all the big companies they could be sold to, MS Is one of the better. Is it a blessing or a curse? If they are given the opportunity to make bigger more impressive game without to many restriction. This could be great.. otherwise... not so much. Crossing my fingers and hopeing. This is not just another one of those RIP moments.
  2. oh, not what I had hoped for, but i Guess ill try a new character, the multiclass feature is really cool.
  3. It seems you are able to start this part before you finish the game?, with the dynamic scaling and so on Am I wrong in assuming that this is a continuation of the main storyline? (throne of bhaal style) or is it just more content?, can I play with my old character that I completed the game with?
  4. Durance is one of the best.. like I him because I don't really like him. I don't want the NPC's to just bend to what ever I want them to. I think I even failed his quest. but that only added to my experience.
  5. what! .. I was 100% sure it was the same voice actor.? but looks like its not.
  6. After I found out you can find loot anywere, like extra random crates insides city's, I started stealthing 24/7 but you move SOO SOOOOLW unless you put on fast mode. its not really a deal breaker, but it does feel kinda...meh. I think the point is. That I feel forced to play like this unless I want to miss something.
  7. whats the point of trial of iron if you are going to cheat?!. (cheat if you want to) but like with any other game, YOU will know you really didn't complete it. you can also give yourself more xp and items with cheats....
  8. Be careful I head they contain dangerous e numbers. EA is the worst one, don't eat their poison
  9. the stronghold one of the most forced things iv ever seen in a game. Its ofc a 100% optional but IMHO it should just have been skipped.. the location and story is okey. but it feel empty and stupid, who made you lord of the land? after the initial intruduction its pretty much just a gold sink filler, that dosnt add anything to the game or its story. the attacks are meaningless I think I found 1 guy I could take prisoner, but I forgot all about him. I feels like they just added it because it was a KS goal the promised.
  10. Also you can sacrifice a little girl to gain power. but hey lets focus on some random sex event.
  11. And I find it extremely satisfying. we can't all like the same things.
  12. the game does have to weird difficulty spikes... the first few levels were okey, you didn't have much to work with and such so you got you ass wiped a few times..the ending of act 1 and ALL of act 2 has been a TOTAL steam roll for me. I just started act 3. and it seems it had gotten slightly harder.. but for how long?. I just don't feel like I need spend any none once pr. encounter to win a fight,
  13. why would you buy something... ANYTHING without first knowing that it is.. im sorry.. you are are a ****ing dumbass you keep buying stuff without knowing what it is.
  14. I dn what to say.. the premade NPC's are not optimal at all... and im rofl stomping everything on hard, its almost to easy.... almost. But I know POTD is a big leap. I kinda like this system.
  15. fine review but.. dated art style?.. im not saying the game is perfect, but the ART!? thats one of the high points of the game.
  16. playing on hard, and so far I like it. I win if I do it correct and lose if I **** it up. thats how I like it
  17. I have now played for 10+ hours with 0 crashes or bug that iv noticed.
  18. a 9/10 is all you can hope for. http://www.gamewatcher.com/reviews/pillars-of-eternity-review/12188
  20. Love AJ's reviews. They are just fun to watch and he has no problem pointing out the games faults. Honestly I much prefer the user reviews than the often paid for pro reviews (I'm looking at you BioWare). Not saying OE will pay for reviews, but with paid for adds and such there is always some influence given, even if unintentional. Granted any user reviews that scores 0-2 I generally ignore as the person just had issues that really had nothing to do with the game. But I also ignore 10 scores as those are just fanboiz that can't allow themselves to see anything critical of their perfect game. I'll read through the 3-9 scores as those generally have more thought put into them and see what they have to say. The guy has a very broad taste in games, and he's pretty good at finding flaws even in games he really likes, been watching him for a while, and he has grown alot as a reviewer, some of his early stuff is gimmicky sure, but we all have to start somewere.
  21. i read it - overall just praises, but also said that companions not as good as in Planescape. well...Planescape is Planescape
  22. the russian IGN gave it 10/10 not sure if its legit. since I cant read it :D I can't read it .D http://ru.ign.com/pillars-of-eternity/74516/review/retsenziia-na-pillars-of-eternity?p=2
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