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  1. Yep its official, havent been this excited for a game for as long as I can remember. Has time actually started backward ? It's definitely slowed down....
  2. Hahaaa.... Arms aloft, palms outstretched, head tilted upward towards the ever widening shaft of light.....
  3. Can't watch any more vids. See too much. Can't sleep. Maybe meditation will help.
  4. Obsidian's hardly a big outfit. And as they said themselves, they were learning with us. I think they've done a remarkable job under the circumstances.
  5. Look someone put some music on or something. Everyone's pacing around, fidgeting.
  6. I sometimes think the character creation's the best bit. So much ahead of you, the choices. Definitely spent a couple of hours character creating in the infinity engine originals. Icewind Dale especially (create all party members !!). Nice presentation of some companions by the team at the last PAX event I think it was. Here's the link (if you've not seen it)...but beware.... excitement level overload ! Actually it was this one I meant. the Pax East presentation:
  7. I've stripped off and strapped myself to the front of the train, and I'm just screaming against the 100mph winds.
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