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  1. I doubt that. If they make a Multyplayer version, it will be a boring standalone MMO. Fallout Online or some crap like that. First quest, kill 10 roadscorpions. I like Bethesda games (so far), the one thing bugs me is the writing. I really hope they do a better job with the new Fallout.
  2. I actually liked AC2 a lot. I didn`t expect much from the game, but i was pleasantly suprised.
  3. very early development they were last seen getting location shots so still a long way off. Those rumors are just rumors and they were posted on reddit of all places. I take them with a grain of salt. I think they'd jump on the opportunity, actually, if that was the only problem. The contract was clear, and they failed to meet the clause for the bonus. Sucks? Sure. But it's not like they didn't know about it, and by industry standard (as far as I'm aware, most contracts include similar caveats, and often for metascores in the 90s rather than the 80s, which are much more difficult to meet) this was pretty.. okay? Frankly the press blowout about the whole situation was fairly weird, it was well-known among the press and even enthusiasts that publisher-developer contracts included clauses like that, and as far as messed up development cycles go, Fallout: New Vegas actually seems to have gone decently smooth. I agree. If they are in any way insulted, I don't think it is the petitioner's fault. They were honest, Beth pretty much screwed up the franchise. Yes, so many these days care more about graphics than gameplay and story. As I said above, the Boston thing is just a rumor. If it is going to be made by BGS, I at least hope they learn some things from NV, like branching dialogues and quests, and hire some better writers. But from what we have seen from FO3, they seem to only care about exploration and making the game more like TES, and after playing Skyrim, that worries me greatly. I actually liked the exploration part from Fallout 3. But i agree with you, NV did a far better job in the dialoge and writing department. I guess i got too excited about the Boston thing that i didn`t think the "rumor" part through... Pretty silly of me actually.... And Fanboys really need to calm down. I`m a huge Fallout fan. I like the old ones and i like the way the new ones are progressing. People shouldn`t be offended for a game they didn`t make.
  4. I`m trying to conquer Europe in Rome: Total War. A few more turns and I`m the all mighty Emperor of Rome! Also as a build up till Project Eternity is finished, I`m playing my old rpg collection. Planescape Torment is first on the list. Currently, I`m in the Weeping Stone Catacombs. After that I`ll hit Baldurs Gate.
  5. Yes, Fallout 4 is in early development. It would be awesome if Obsidian would make the game, but i think its far fetched. But I`m shure Fallout 4 will be good whoever makes it. My bet is on Bethesta Game Studios.
  6. Looks even scarier then the first one, and i really enjoyed that (as much as you can enjoy this sort of game). I will definetly buy it. No other series brings out the horror like this one.
  7. I want the world to be "believable", wich doesn`t necessarily mean realistic. If the lore supports a 2 meter long sword that is light as a feather, so be it.
  8. I`m playing fantasy games to visit fantasy worlds. The geography can look as unrealistic as it gets as long as I`m having the "WOW" moment when i see them.
  9. Planescape Torment had it perfect. Walking by default, shif + click running. Maybe losing stamina while running would add a great edge to it.
  10. the three songs are already on my phone and I`m listening them in repeat. What a great experience! Makes the long wait until the game comes out a little easier.
  11. I agree. Although it`s not a shame to iligally download some titles (like Call od Duty or Battlefield). But in this case the PC community must make a stand. We have to show the developers and publishers what we really want to play. No realistic military shooter 16, but imaginitive and original IP`s. That said, I only wish Obsidian doesn`t make too many sequels for PE after it`s succsess (and it WILL be succsessfull).
  12. Aye, I like it too. But I'm fine with a static image as well. I agree. A static image (better yet, painting) and a powerful narrator would be perfect for this game.
  13. Cool! me to! Glad to see there are more backers from Croatia.
  14. Hell yeah! It would suck when an NPC betrays you, but it would make a great drama. Plus, I take any excuse to shake my fists to the sky an yell "NOOOOOO" at my monitor!
  15. I like the system in Planescape Torment. A little bit of both. You`ve got a journal that writes down your adventures and notes on people, locations and what not and a Quests tab with all the info on ongoing quests (but its still in a journal format). I think that would be the best way to go. It still keeps you up to date while keeping up a fantasy feel.
  16. This was the first Kickstarter project that i suported. Thank you for bringing back cRPGs. Congrats on the money too!
  17. All for nonsense cheats (cows and chickens). But a god mode and endless gold would ruin the fun.
  18. I would love it if it would be released in 2014. But I don`t want the quality of the game to suffer because of that. If it takes longer so be it, just do`t rush anything Obsidian!
  19. It should definetly have puzzles in it. But i hope they won`t be too challenging so i don`t smash my keyboard with frustration.
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