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  1. I was put off monk's in the NWN series because they became a gimmicky min/max class. I don't have a problem with the concept, but I would rather see them be fleshed out more with a complete look at Asian lore.
  2. I'd prefer not to worry about basic needs. I understand why some would, but I'm not a roleplayer. I guess it would make sense to be a part of higher difficulties as well.
  3. Yes. As others said, your weapons should be sheathed in towns and they should unsheath when you leave. Also, it should be automated.
  4. I voted for a level cap. I don't want my characters to have every skill and have maxed attributes. I want them to be "human" as in flawed, not perfect. I want the fight through the world to be difficult rather than just being a group of basically what would be gods.
  5. For me, the one thing that kills replay value for me is playing through the same start for every character I create. I really hope that you can choose different backgrounds and therefore play through the beginning differently until you hit the main quest.
  6. I like the fact they are adding in firearms because it's the natural progression in a society. I always hated games that have thousands of years of history and they never moved past the bow.
  7. I hope that companions will leave you when they don't like your actions or the way your treat them or others. Hell, I even hope they can leave when just one thing makes them mad because that is exactly what happens in real life. Also, I believe they should leave without a way to get them back because it makes your decisions matter. I know that power gamers will probably just reload, but for those of us that don't power game, even if you don't roleplay, the excitement of actual consequence is awesome.
  8. As a dwarf player, I would vote YES to any advancement in beard technology.
  9. I would have chosen the option where Orcs are NPCs who are semi-civilized in that they will talk to you if your rep is high with them, but are chaotic and full of fury.... but it didn't exist.
  10. I agree with that. I love dark souls, esspecially the bonfire system and would love see something similar. I biggest weakness I have is using spells efficiently becuase i almost never main a caster. I would be more likely to avoid rest spam if i knew there was a rest point just ahead.
  11. I would prefer the conversation to include options for any member of your party to interupt and speak. I always hate that one person speaks and everyone else just sits there quietly. That doesnt happen in real life. It would be like the KOTOR system but instead of being a roll to win, you decide who speaks. That gives roll players options but powerlevelers can just choose the best option.
  12. I prefer the pause system, but I would also like a skill queue system so I can minimize the amount of pausing.
  13. I agree with this. You should get exp for doing something that changes the game world, not for grinding on guards. I would say killing some mobs, like named mobs or legondary creatures should also give you exp, because that changes the world.
  14. Being evil in game without well written evil dialogue choices makes no sense. I don't think it's hard to write evil characters, what's hard is trying to pander to the "I want to kill everyone I see" group. It makes no sense to kill everyone in a story driven game. However, with this 2 big city land we are going to have, I think it's absolutely possible to write a stroy where you do kill one of the kings. This would cut you off from continuing that story line, but would give you access to a new story line based on more evil behaviors that a good character would never see. It's not hard, it's just time consuming.
  15. I so like the occasional evil play through, but not the murder everyone I see evil, more like the neutral evil, politician, CEO of a major corporation type of evil.
  16. I'm not big on killing NPCs, but I'm big on choice, so if you want to, that's cool. However, there should be consequences to killing them based on their importance.
  17. I love dwarfs. There I said it. So I'm excited about the picture of the dwarf ranger. Which ever subrace lets me do that will make me happy.
  18. I'm against any type of natural regen. Hell, not only am I against this, I'm against all influences from mmos.
  19. Absolutely amazing. I updated my pledge as well once the $4 mil incentive was announced.
  20. Anything that will prevent min/maxing is good in my book. Make non-combat skills important.
  21. I generally don't kill NPCs, but I believe that each person should have that choice. But with that choice comes risk, so if you break the game because you killed someone important, that's the price you pay for murder. So you should have the choice to kill everyone, because even I sometimes want to kill a party member.
  22. I'm completely for this. I play RPGs for the story not for grinding exp. If I wanted to do that, I'd start playing mmos again.
  23. 1. I would like to see multiple options for stronghold locations, but once you choose yours, the rest become unavailable. 2. Each location would have multiple "nodes" where you choose what kind of upgrade or merchant cane be placed there. 3. I would want it to be a mini game of sorts where you choose the tax rates or what people are doing, and people can choose to leave. 4. I would like to have the ability to accept couriers or quest givers coming to ask for help. (radiant quest mechanic) In short, I would like the stronghold to be an interactive part of the game. A place where you would want to actually spend some time.
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