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  1. The following will result in no influence lost, but no gain either: When you lost.... If I felt the loss... Like what consequences... Then we'll work together... Does our connection... Will do... The other threads, like Revan/Malak, Mandalorian wars, etc., can be done later.
  2. Maybe if you keep going with DS type answers. But if you are playing Light, you wouldnt want to do that.
  3. IMHO, Kavar was the "nicest" of them.
  4. Exile: HK-47, why are you so angry? HK-47: Sad Statement: Master, it is because my fuzzy little puppy ran away. Oh, how I miss him. Mandalore: (During a storm on Dxun) Siiiinging in the rain, I'm just singing in the rain! T3-M4: Beet doot beep boo doot, de-doot beep bop boop? (If I can understand Basic, why cant I speak it?) HK-47: Statement: Master, the Ebon Hawk is so bland and stuffy. Query: Would it be possible to paint the interior a nice sky blue and add some potted plants? Bao-Dur: You know, General, the reason I'm so calm all the time is that I suppress all my anger. Exile: Really? Does that work? Bao-Dur: Somewhat. As it turns out, this is very unhealthy. I believe I am heading for a massive mental breakdown. Exile: (to T3 on Peragus Station) Domo arigato, Mister Roboto.
  5. --Vash got captured on purpose, much like Vrook. She was trying to discover their plans. --HK-47 tells you that Vash has been dead less than an hour when you find her body, so she was killed right after your arrival. Sion used her as bait to find you and Kreia. --In part one, there weren't any Female masters. Did Episodes I/II have any either? I've suppresed my memories of those awful movies.
  6. LS Revan is the "canonical" ending. DS is considered "alternate".
  7. Yeah, once or twice they call him a Zabrak. Some Zabrak items make mention of the fact that the Zabrak live on Iridonia. Many planets are like this. Selkath on Manaan, Wookies on Kashyyyk, Jawas on Tatooine, etc.
  8. Well, in BG series, I tended to ignore or flat out kill those I wouldn't be taking in my party. Lawful Goods always had the most severe deaths. Ajantis went off to fight Ankhegs with his bare hands, Yeslick stayed in his clan's mines as they flooded, etc. I dont like being forced into taking party members with me. In KotOR I, the only time I used Mission was until I freed Zaalbar. She's like a Twi'lek version of Aerie. Most of the time it was Bastila and Carth/Canderous. In part two, it was Handmaiden and Bao-Dur/Atton.
  9. Mass Shadow Generator (WARNING: Plot Spoilers!)-- BTW--A MacGuffin (sometimes spelt McGuffin or Magoffin) is a plot device that holds no meaning or purpose of its own except to motivate the characters and advance the story.
  10. April 31st. Let's see. By BG's standard 1 year equals about 6 (see my posts regarding NWN), so soon by LA would be...2 years maybe?
  11. 2.00.424 US version, bought in early February.
  12. Instead of multiplying, it re-rolls. So it could be 15 + 20 + 8 = 43. Critical Hit Attack Modifier--This is added to your Critical Threat roll, increasing the chances that the damage is multiplied. It is NOT added to your normal attack rolls.
  13. Must....resist pull....of....Bastilla's....brassiere!
  14. Revan--Dark complected guy with the "soul patch" Exile--White guy with stubble or black guy with the spiked hair
  15. Okay, I'm going to bring up a term from my Macroeconomics class, cetirus paribus, meaning all things equal. Lightsaber forms, additional feats/powers, more levels, all of theses are game mechanics, not Star Wars laws. We have to assume a level playing field. Both Revan and Exile have access to the same abilities. Exile leeches the Force off of those around him. And, no he is not 100% immune to Force attacks, other Jedi can use powers against him. That one little cut scene with Nihilus is the only time where it fails. Nihilus tried "sucking" the Force out of Exile, but couldn't, cause the Exile draws his strength from others. 2 seconds later, in the fight, Nihilus uses stuff like Drain Life on the Exile succesfully. Revan commands the force and has superior battle tactics. He would win easily.
  16. *Points at sig.* I'd say HK-47, though Jolee had some good ones.
  17. I've an inherent genetic disorder that causes tumors to grow on the nerves. No cure, no treatment. Does that count?
  18. In the game world, training/education is expressed in the form of feat/power chains and things like BAB. Somebody who received Guardian training will be able to hit harder - all other things being equal - than somebody who received the old Sentinel training, for example. Sentinels and Consulars obviously concentrate more on mental training than Guardians and less on physical, which explains why they have more Force oomph (FP/level) but less physical stamina (VP/level), and so on. So the game world directly indicates that the new forms of training are more effective than the old ones under which Bastila was trained - the lightsabre forms were not even invented back then. Also, Darth Wuss completely messed up Bastila's abilities when he tortured her to turn her to the dark side. Visas would pwn her. <{POST_SNAPBACK}> One--In actual SW history, were those Lightsaber techniques all invented in the five years between I and II? Or was this just a change by the devs? Besides, Visas only has access to three of them. Shii-Cho (+1 attack, defense net adjustment of 0), Soresu (+2 defense, -1 Threat Modifier). The only one that would provide any real bonus is Makashi (+3 Attack/Damage, +2 Force Saves). But then we get back to that old discussion of stuff thats in part one versus two. If it's in part two, and we bring in Bastilla, she logically has access to them. Put Visas in part one, and they dont even exist. Two--Assuming her fall/apprenticeship resulted in the restructring of here powers, logically redeeming/retraining Bastilla would restore them. But even if she stayed on the DS, she could advanced toward things like Force Storm and Death Field.
  19. Whether Light or Dark you can steal that robe and everything else in the Museum. If you're Light and steal 'em, Talia just says something like "I was going to give you...as a reward...but the (opposition) broke in and looted the musem." <{POST_SNAPBACK}> I was refering to them as a rewaard. Yeah, anybody can steal them.
  20. I lost faith in humanity some time ago. And I'm only 24. I'm not interested in a Mira romance. Give me Handmaiden any day.
  21. MLS Revan (Scoundrel/Guardian)--Randis Tora MLS Exile (Guardian/Weaponwaster)--Iacen Cavira M Exile (Sentinel)--Xedrin Quace (new game, havent decided on LS/DS) I often, not always, like using names of Roman Emperors (Tiberius, Valerian) or Knights of the Round Table (Agravian, Tristan).
  22. Handmaiden's entry ramp. :D Vrook was a bastard, ever since I first met him in part one.
  23. "The Builders" were the Raktans. If, and that's a big if, there is a part 3, the enemy will likely be the true Sith.
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