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  1. Make one of Visas and Handmaden kissing heheheh
  2. How du you use a cheat code on the PC? An answer would be most appreciated! :D
  3. I got the silver green one in the Trayus Academy.
  4. I don't mean to get off-topic, but why were there Koondah Troops at Telos? How could they spare the resources?
  5. There should NOT be a new PC in KotOR III They should stick to Revan or the Exile . . . There are to many SUPER POWERFUL JEDI around as it is!
  6. P.S. If the Exile is the greatist Jedi Traya taught, that means that he was BETTER than Revan!
  7. What about Tulak Hord? The guy that was such an uber duelist that he "makes us look like children playing with toys" I think that the Exile was super powerful. He had the guts to turn away from the force and then pick it up again. He was so powerful that he could kill the force . . . Vader and Luke were nothing without the Force.
  8. I wonder how the heck the exile found a weapon of such power?
  9. I almost chose persuade, but you can't directly defend youself with persuade. So I chose force choke. You can persuade with Force Choke: You: I want a better deal, you will give it to me. Car Salesman: I don't think so, this is the best deal we have to offer you. Y: You're not telling me the truth. CS: Uhhh sir, I . . . Y: <Force Choke> Give me the damn car for free! CS: gurrgle . . . crack . . . choke yes . . . . . master . . choke gurrgle . I want to charge up all the womens loading ramps!! After I get my free new car! a lightsabre would
  10. Ahhhh yes! Thank you! That clears up EVERYTHING!!! Ahhh enlightenment . . . . lol
  11. Its real funny if you name your character"stupid" "I am no longer Revan, I am stupid" Also "retarded" is funny . . . "Pleased to meet you, I'm retarded." It kinda has the Forrest Gump effect!
  12. That was a little confusing in the game to me. Did I miss somthing? What the heck is a mass shadow and how do you generate it?
  13. Thank You. I know that some of you do not like to discuss KotOR III but . . . . . . . Will there be one or not, Or do you all not know? Thanks, Christopher
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