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  1. IWD series was too Hack n Slash for me.
  2. Nitron


    I didnt even know Interplay was still in business. After they killed off Jefferson, Van Buren, and the entire Black Isle division, I abandoned them. One of the premiere members over on AC. Perhaps I should go back there some time.
  3. Keen and Critical Strike ONLY apply to the base threat range, not each other. Keen + Master Critical = 5x Threat range, or 11-20. And note that scoring a Critical Threat dpes not automatically mean a Critical Hit. If you score a Critical Threat, you must roll again, if that roll is a hit, then you score a Critical Hit.
  4. It's supposed to change after each Star Map.
  5. Anybody who says BG is boring, doesnt know what they're talking about. The plot of part one is incredibly detailed. I cant think of many games that come even close to it. "Cant go anywhere without being attacked" is an exaggeration. There are more scripted encounters than random. And did you say Kobolds?! They have poor AC and about 6 HP. Anybody can kill them quite easily. You dont need to be maxed on levels to go anywhere/fight anything. My Solo 1/1 Cleric/Mage killed 2 Ankhegs without taking any damage. Plus you have a choice of 27 different NPC's with a wide range of classes/alignments. Part two is also a great game. The main plot is also very detailed, but there also a ton of side quests and NPC-specific quests. You can also gain a stronghold based on class, each providing unique quests and rewards. Between kits, classes, dual classes and multi-classes, there is a MASSIVE number of character possibilities. There is a very large number of spells, special abilities and unique items. And after battling things like Kobolds, Hobgoblins and Bandits in part one, you can now fight Vampires, Golems, and Liches. The NPC's, while fewer than last time, are more in-depth. Interacting with you, one another, and non-party members. All in all, these are among the best games I've played.
  6. An American quarter has 117 ridges on it's circumference. Dimes have 116. Jupiter is larger than the eight other planets put together. Additionally, Pluto is the only Outer Planet that doesnt have rings. If you've been watching coverage from the Vatican, you've seen the Swiss Guard. Those uniforms were designed by Michaelangelo. The Vatican is also the smallest country in the world, .2 square miles, .5 square kilometers.
  7. That's what allowed the SIth to control all the beasts. This part is actually going on simultaneously with the part on Onderon. When you disrupt the ritual, that is when they lose control of the Drexl outside the Throne room.
  8. Most are relatively random. Try the Rodian merchant on Nar Shaddaa and the Onderon museum.
  9. No screen shot, bur Mira entered the Jekk'Jekk Tar without the Space Suit.
  10. Though she may have been lieing, Kreia said it was merely coincidence that she found you. Here's how I see things: Kreia was dismayed by Revan's fall, as she was one of his masters. His last known location was on Malachor, so she traveled there to see if there was any evidence of him, or what led to his fall. She discovers the academy and also falls to the dark side. She begins training fallen Jedi, such as Sion and Nihilus. But they betray her (why they let her live is a mystery). She flees in the Ebon Hawk with T3 on board. Revan had voice-locked the Nav computer, leaving T3 with access to it. Atris somehow discovers Exile's location and leaks it. Carth finds him, and knowing he served Revan, orders the Harbinger to pick him up and deliver him to Telos. En route to Citadel Station, the Harbinger recieves a distress call from the Hawk. The ship, possibly Ravager, is attacking, trying to kill Kreia. When Carth hears the ship under attack is the Hawk, he sends the Harbinger to help, hoping to find some info on Revan. The Harbinger brings the Hawk on board.About this time, the HK-50 modifies the med-lab computer to give you sedatives so it can quietly deliver you to G0-T0. The Harbinger sends a team thru its umbilical tunnel to investigate the Sith ship. It's empty, cause all the assassins use stealth and board the Harbinger. As they slaughter the crew, HK takes Exile to the Hawk and escapes. The Sith, now in control of the Harbinger, fire upon the Hawk, crippling it. That's where the Prolouge begins.
  11. The ability to Force Lightning people who keep bringing up KotOR 3. 2 has pnly been out a few months and is incomplete/buggy.
  12. Okay, this is getting locked soon as a mod gets here.
  13. I used Bao-Dur, Atton and Visas. Back at Iziz, Kreia must come with you. The third slot goes to either Handmaiden or Mandalore.
  14. Yeah, why did Revan think she was speaking Mandalorian? It's Twi'lek!
  15. Nitron

    Fallout ?

    And I prefer melting my enemies with a Turbo Plasma Rifle. Or making them Flame Dance.
  16. It's been ages since I've played BG II, but let me see if I can still do this: Thaxll'sillyia or maybe Nizidramanii'yt. :D Though with a name like Torak Skullsplitter (IWD II), nobody would mess with you.
  17. I think I've seen that one. With Bruce Campbell, a.k.a. the worst actor in the world, right?
  18. A single episode of an animated TV show, like the Simpsons, can take several months to complete. Doing a computer game that lasts 30+ hours should take a lot longer. But not NWN long.
  19. You can disagree with me, but you'll be wrong. :D
  20. Jefferson and Van Buren? Please. I gave up hope on those ages ago. MOre so for Jefferson. Jeez, what's next? Finishing "Torn"? Oh, it's on the Internet, it must be true!
  21. Okay, every single point made by the OP can apply to part 2 as well. The Party--Stupid Jedi, i.e. Kreia. I NEVER used her unless forced to. Useless Droids. Never used G0-T0, only used T3 when forced, used HK a little. Pilot with a personality complex? Sounds like Atton to me. A Wookie and Canderous. BTW, CHA is useless to a Wookie Scout. Only needed for Jedi and the PC. Cliche storyline of a nobody who's really a hero? That could apply to Exile just as much as Revan. Stupid bad guy? Malak is one hundred times the villan Traya is. Conquer the galaxy for no reason? Do you know the Sith code?-- Peace is a lie, there is only passion. Through passion, I gain strength. Through strength, I gain power. Through power, I gain victory. Through victory, my chains are broken. The Force shall free me. Given the choice between ruling the galaxy and not, I can see why Malak made his choice. Traya wanted to destroy everyone's connections to the Force. That's like a five year old saying "If I can't have it, nobody can." People arent happy/ignorant about the war. You can find a dozen characters on freaking Korriban who hate the Sith. Manaan is another prime example, and Dantooine. They are all worried about the Sith's victories. Many of the characters are just as deep, if not more so, as the ones in part 2. Darkness--The fall of Revan and Malak, the Jedi Civil War, tombs on Korriban, discovering the truth about your past, falling to the dark side again Sadness--Destruction of Taris, Bastila's sacrifice, Chuundar selling his own people, half of the quests in the game Happiness--Romances, redeeming Bastila, redeeming yourself If you ask me, part two is the cliched one. It has no real driving force. "Oooh, Sith are attacking." Yeah, that's what they do. "Gotta reunite the masters." This contradicts their belief that congregating only places others in danger, due to what happened on Katar. Part two had no climax. No OMG! moment like in part one. Traya you could see a hundred miles away. She tells you about her past on Citadel Station for crying out loud. Revan was much more subtle. Revan was a nothing Sith? Let's see he rallied hundreds, if not thousands, of Jedi to his cause and turned them all to the Dark Side (not counting those he had killed). Was a brilliant strategist and had a powerful command of the force. As for Traya, well she has nothing going for her. "Did what he did for who know why"? Power, control, domination. That is what all Sith desire. Exar Kun, Naga Sadow, Freedon Nadd, Vader, Sidious/Palpatine, etc. Plain and simple, part one had the superior storyline.
  22. While pagans still had a calendar with the new year beginning April 1st, Christians had adopted one with the new year begining four months earlier. They ridiculed those who didnt accept their changes, and this is the source for April Fool's, a day for practical jokes and tricks. The "patch" is an April Fool's Day joke, it is not real.
  23. Negative on both accounts. No INF, no DS
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