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  1. Ah, you are just no fun, I guess Bastilla was just too stuck-up for my tastes, Mira likes to have fun...But fun in a bounty hunter way, which makes her even more attractive to a warrior like me Her lack of experience was also a definate plus, because it meant that she had NO connection to your troubled past, which meant there would be no weaknesses that Mira could exploit if she turned on you Bastilla preys on Revan's history, and their Force Bond thanks to her poorly-planned raid on Revan's ship those years prior....She uses Revan's past to dance around him like a mosquito...She is a blood sucker to the extreme...Even if you choose to be evil, she still will try to get ahead of you eventually...Remember: The Sith always try to over-run one another There is no genuine friendships among the Sith, and love is just passion dictated by using too many emotions, but such a Force Bond as Revan and Bast had is LETHAL to both of them...Sith or not, they are both weaklings after K1 is over....I think Revan knew this, and wanted to cut himself off from his "friends" who were making him weak...If you get enough time with Candy in K2, he will even tell you of what Revan did as he/she left! Canderous's final speech in K2 tells a very long story of what happend as Revan left, and it explains a great many things.... <{POST_SNAPBACK}> No, no, no. You know why Revan didnt bring anyone? Cause he knew that those close to him would suffer because of him. Kreia, and perhaps Carth too, reveal this. Bastilla never tries to get ahead of Revan if you play DS. When you face her at the Rakatan Temple, she realizes you are far more powerful than Malak, and the true and rightful ruler of the Sith. The Jedi Council planned the raid, not Bastilla. She doesn't prey on your history. The Council was using her in hopes that the Bond would help you locate the Star Forge sooner. Bastilla was the one who kept Revan alive. Thru her you have a link to your past.
  2. ROFLMAO!! (w00t) Not a good thing, cause I'm at my college's Computer Lab. I had to stiffle my laughs so much. Comps dont have any sound, though. Maybe they should have worked in "All your base are belong to us" in it. That would have been sweet!
  3. Jedi Support throws in buffing powers, i.e. Speed, Heal, Battle Meditation, in addition to attacking. I usually just use default script. If I want, I'll tell them what to cast.
  4. Playing off and on, this took me less than two weeks to beat with 30 odd hours. Compared to about 4 weeks with KotOR I. KotOR I, while I had a shorter game time, I defintely played for a greater ammount of time. TONS more reloads. I think I cleared Peragus in less time than it took me to beat Malak. But I've had Pazaak games last longer than most boss fights in KotOR II.
  5. Bastilla has a young and fresh bod too. Mira is a dismissive little pain.
  6. "Mira's beter with ranged attacks." So what? A few more DEX points and that Scout bonus? BAB is ridiculously overdone in the game, so anybody can hit any target. Give Bao-Dur some points to DEX and those DEX boosting Underlays, Implants, Belts. Besides, he tears it up in melee. BTW, Handmaiden is better in melee. Echani Strike for bonus damage and Knockdown effect. "Wrist Launcher." Duh, you can throw grenades! Darts and rockets not that useful. "Doesn't trigger mines." Here's a thought, radical as it may be. Don't walk over them!! (w00t) I had to reload more than a few times in Jekk'Jekk Tar. She had no Stealth skill (blasted Auto Level Up), so she kept triggering wave after wave of Ubese. BTW her supposed "leet" blaster skills werent much of a help. Heavy Mandalorian/Heavy Sonic dual. And the walking carpet was really pounding on her. Rapid Shot + getting hit + run awaay + Life Support Pack, repeat for 5 minutes. I'll Take Bao-Dur over Mira any day. Though Handmaiden is always my first choice.
  7. I think Viridian has surpassed Cyan as my favorite. Perhaps, due in part to that blasted bug where the Cyan one is always on when you enter a new area/cut scene.
  8. Sarcasm people, sarcasm. "No quests are broken" is obviously a sarcastic remark.
  9. I tried with Visas and Handmaiden first. Kind of difficult, so I tried Handmaiden with Bao-Dur. Didnt work out either. But Visas and Bao-Dur did very well. Visas did have Destroy Droid and either Improved or Master Heal. Bao-Dur used either a Bothan Droid Disruptor or hand to hand. But then I found out you dont have to do too much to rescue the Exile. It doesnt matter what code you take.
  10. The chassis is on Nar Shaddaa. As part of the main quest, T3 will encounter three HK-50's. One of them has it. This one can't be purchased anywhere. IIRC, only one part can actually be bought. However, this is part of a long chain of events where you will have no access to the Ebon Hawk, so you can't install it right away. You return to the Telos Academy, very briefly, after completing the main quests on all of the planets. And no, you don't get your old lightsaber back. Training anyone requires you to have a lot of influence with them. You also need to have reached certain events. For Handmaiden, you need to spar and win three times. Talk to Kreia, and she'll remark about you spending time with her. She will also tell you about Handmaiden's mother. You need to talk to Handmaiden about this before you can tran her. I also heard she needs to be at least level 19, but I don't know if thats true.
  11. What? You can't trigger mines that you set. The only way they'd damage you is if you get caught in the blast radius. Set mines, draw them out with blaster fire and run.
  12. You can also get one from the trio of HK's who ambush T3 at Vogga's warehouse on Nar Shaddaa.
  13. I **HATE** MMORPG's. You guys have it right. It's these pathetic 12 year olds who have no life playing them all day and night. Plus, I despise the whole concept of them. You have to pay to play? Also, if some jerk in your group has crappy connection, everybody suffers. And all the intangibles. Lord Butt said to complete the quest and he'd give us all Dragonscale armor. So where is he? Not playing? Oh crap! I could go on, but I wont.
  14. I remember some time ago on those blasted Interplay boards about this idiot whining about problems/bugs/whatever for BG:DA on PS. The problems were minor, but he said tey needed to be fixed, or game designers/programmers should get fired for it. Lots of people tried telling him you cant fix a console game without redoing the whole thing. He wouldn't listen and got the "Fist of the Ban"
  15. What reference? I am fan of both games. TELL ME NOW <{POST_SNAPBACK}> His name was "Lord Foreshadow" He said something about looking forward to spending some nights in Neverwinter in the coming year. A possible reply from the PC is "I doubt that city even exists." Foreshadow answers something like "Not yet, perhaps."
  16. Starbucks sets up shop and becomes a new center for the Dark Side. All those daring to shop there are corrupted irrevocably. Cashier: Okay, one mocha latte and a bottle of Juma Juice. That'll be five thousand six hundred fourteen credits, please. Customer: You vile bastard! *Pulls out a Mandalorian Disintegrator and blasts away* --Dark Side points gained--
  17. Bastila. Though Handmaiden is a close second. I like strong-willed, determined women. I hate whiny (Mission) and clingy (Visas) types.
  18. Atton escaped from his Force Cage at Telos Academy. During his discussion with Kreia, he's talking just fine, but his cage is empty. After I regain control of the Exile, I find Atton unconcsious near Handmaiden. This didnt seem to mess things up any, but it was odd.
  19. Exile: But why are the HKs maquerading as protocol droids? HK-47: Answer: Master, being a meatbag, your answer does not surprise me. You see, part of the reason an assassin droid is so effective is because it is a droid. Meatbags tend not to notice us, we are treated as furnishings. T3-M4: Dee-deet. HK-47: Statement: Oh, do shut up you beeping little trash compactor. Invisible Atton--
  20. You know, I tried it with Visas again, and it worked.
  21. I havent played DS yet, so no fighting the masters. Hmmm. Maybe the 3 HK's on Telos the first time I played. They kept using Power Blasts. Took me a few tries. Hanharr on Malachor. I beat all the real bosses on my first try. Uggh, Malak. First time playing, it took me a good hour or so of fighting/dieing/reloading to beat him. Scoundrel 8/Guardian 12.
  22. There is a very weak "vision" of Darth Revan in the Hidden Tomb, but that's it. Other than that, it's just references.
  23. Several porn actors/actresses are pretty ugly. Look at Ron Jeremy. *Vomits* BTW, there was a rumor at my high school that one of the teachers, whom I had for Chemistry, had been a porno actress. She wasnt good looking either.
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