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  1. It also depends on the defenition of "soon". BG1 made a reference to NWN, and it didn't come out for another 6 years!
  2. Cyan--From Jorran in the Enclave Ruins. Viridian--Nar Shaddaa, one of the Refugee quests. Silver--Corpse on Malachor V, some Sith remains. Orange, Bronze--In lightsabers, some Sith remains. In the image, Cyan in the right hand, Viridian in the left.
  3. Press Caps Lock. It looks no different when you use Visas or Kreia. If Visas has taught you Force Sight, that is how she see everything.
  4. Did you talk to Kalah-Nah, that bat/rat like creature in the Entertainment Promenade? You can bribe him 2,000 credits to let the Exchange know how you feel about them. This will set up the meeting with Visquis.
  5. Yeah, I played a Scoundrel/Guardian in part 1, and Sneak Attack with Force Jump works, so a Guardian/Watchman or Assassin could do the same. Flanking works too. If the target is fighting somebody else, attack them from behind or the side for a sneak attack. Remember, you can use ranged weapons for a Sneak Attack, provided you're close enough.
  6. East of the Sky Ramp, there is a woman named Anda. Every time I try to talk to her she says she's busy and to come by later. Nothing ever happens. Do I have to be DS, or a female or what?
  7. Dont you "love" your family, or close friends? She loves you, she is not IN love with you.
  8. Yes, yes. Those too. But I rarely use Power Attack. Though I always use TWF. Whether for dual-wielding or for a double-bladed sabers.
  9. Flurry and Critical Strike do work with Lightsabers.
  10. So what class combo did you play as in part one? Whether it was your first, or your favorite. I was a dual-wielding Scoundrel/Guardian. Stupid strategy guide said Scoundrel was not only recommended for veteran players only, but also matched up best with Consular. Well, despite the lower STR score and BAB, this was an excellent combo in my opinion. Sneak Attack works with Force Jump, and the bonus damage goes to both weapons. Using Stealth to set Mines, then draw out the enemy with Throw Lightsaber. The mines soften them up, and I tear them up with melee, Force Wave, etc. Bastilla provided Force and melee support. Third spot went to either Carth, Canderous, or HK-47 for ranged support. I used the others only when necessary.
  11. I don't think those are the Matukai Apprentice Robes. It is hard to see the details with the DS background, but these look different. Also, MA Robes provide +1 to STR, DEX and CON, but this screen shot shows no adjustments to those stats.
  12. Also, you only need to talk to Bao-Dur to build your Lightsaber. You dont actually have to be near a Workbench. Did you get a movie earlier? With Visas talking to a Sith Lord, the one on the box? They were talking about you. That explains how she seems to know you. Rather than have you wait around, they just jump to after she wakes up. Perhaps they should have played another cut scene, though
  13. Waitaminute! Since when could you have kids in BG?!? <{POST_SNAPBACK}> Aerie <{POST_SNAPBACK}> A. K. A. It, Triangle Face, Whiny Bitch, etc.
  14. She's back if you load up one of your late saves.
  15. hmm, after looking at the message Bastila left in the Sith holocron in the Korriban academy I got the feeling she was into Revan. <{POST_SNAPBACK}> Wha..?! Holocron? Bastila? Do tell more! <{POST_SNAPBACK}> Tell Atton that Revan was male and Dark Side (as opposed to saving the Republic). At the Academy Ruins on Korriban use some Thorium charges on a stuck door and you can access a Holocron. If you said Revan was either female or male AND saved the Republic, it's destroyed.
  16. 44 strength bonus is the critically multiplied damage (which he indicated as multiplied by 4). Flat strength bonus damage is 11 which would mean 32 strength (not sure if boosted by stims or not). Notice the 8 for weapon specialization? If it were not a critical, weapon specialization gives +2 damage. <{POST_SNAPBACK}> Exactly. 16 base +5 from level ups +3 from the personal Crystal (avoided Kreia like the Plague, so it wasnt at full power), +5 from Dominator Gauntlets, +3 from Light Mastery. But in D&D games, STR bonus is not multiplied in Criticals. However, my Ion (energy cell) and Light side (personal Crystal + some extra 6 from who knows) weren't
  17. With the ridiculous BAB implementation, the Guardian has little advantage in combat, aside from Weapon Specialization and 2 or 4 more VP/level. And since it takes a while to pick up a Lighstsaber, they cant capitalize on Force Jump for a while. However, they are the only Jedi class with Demolitions as a Class skill, and you will find a lot of mines before anybody joins you. They also get lots of Feats. Near the end, I was running out of good ones to pick for mine. Sentinels get tons of Skill points and have a nice balance of VP and FP. Their immunities are only moderately useful. Mainly from mines or secondary effects from attacks. Enemy Jedi seem to be allergic to actually using many Force Powers. Consulars get lots of FP, but few VP. They have the least Feats but more Skills than Guardians. They get a bonus to the DC of their offensive Force Powers, making it harder for targets to resist the damage or effects. They also get a few more Force Powers than the others.
  18. *Cough* " Well, that's not likely. She had been living at the Polar Academy.
  19. What's the most damaging attack you've ever made? Weapons only, no Force Powers. Mine is 158. 4x Critical = 43 Energy + 9 Light Side + 1 Ion + 44 Strength + 8 Weapon Specialization + 53. Guardian Weapon Master with Specialization, Increase Melee Damage II. Though I have gotten 55 Energy on a 3x Critical. That translates to about 188 with the above numbers all the same.
  20. Sparring does help. Also, charitable acts increase influence with her.
  21. Dual wielding singles. Allows for lots of upgrades.
  22. You mean the one at Kodin's shop? Veet dreet beet doo. De-deet beet doot? Vrwooo.
  23. "What's that big weapon for?" I'd say G0-T0. I did Nar Shaddaa late, so couldnt really develop him. Beside's he's an ass.
  24. Jacksin wanted the violet lightsaber so it would stand out. Like in the battle on Geonosis. This purple blade admist all that chaos is a sharp contrast to the others. Mace was likely a Guardian. That said, Cyan, followed by Viridian. Managed to get a Cyan crystal from Jorran along with the final part, so I had it from the start. I liked Guardians in part 1, but with all classes getting the same BAB, and not being able to use Force Jump for ages really hurts them. Only real advantage left is a few more feats.
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