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  1. "Two, four, six, eight, Homer's crime was very great....Great meaning 'large or immense,' we used it in the pejorative sense." --Crowd of protestors. "Contrary to what you have just seen, war is niether glamourous nor fun. There are no winners; only losers. There are no good wars, with the following exceptions: the American Revolution, World War II and the Star Wars Trilogy." --Bart Simpson. BTW, as for "forgot Empire vs Rebels" I assume that's what they were reffering to with the choice of "Star Wars"
  2. It's not actually revealed in so many words, but the Exile was supposed to go to Malachor alone. How the Remote, G0-T0, and Mira/Hanharr (I assume he's there if you go DS, similar to Mira when LS) got there is probably more stuff they cut out. G0-T0 did have a small confrontation with the remote before, but it never really got resolved. G0-T0 zaps the remote, but right away it's working again. One assumes the two are connected. As well as how G0-T0 got the codes for the MSG.
  3. Kind of like not removing any weapons he had equipped. Kinda tricky to fly when youve got a vibroblade in one hand.
  4. Well in KotOR I, you can kill a Rancor by getting it to eat a grenade, so why wouldnt a Cannock die? As for random treasure, I've found Spear +2 on wizards and spell scrolls on fighters (BGII), Padawan Robes on dead miners and credits on Turrets (KotOR II), etc. Money on Undead creatures is always good. Not like they can just walk into town and buy stuff
  5. I've heard this occurs when you cant have dialoge with Kreia, i.e. when you need to return to the Enclave. So you may have to load a game from before contacting the last master.
  6. Robes are good for Underlays, but not overlays. I usually used the Biorestorative. Mark III until I got the Mark V. The Norris robes provide energy resist on their own. And I always take Master Energy Resistance. Lightsaber parts are also quite random, but if you have the skills, you can build them at a workbench.
  7. BTW, telling Grenn what happened without doing anything is not a bug, you are lieing to him.
  8. Ossus Keeper Robe--Onderon, either the Museum or as a reward from Talia (maye Vaklu, never played DS) Norris Robes-Probably Random, but got one on G0-T0's yacht. I think I found a second, but dont remember where. Crystals--Very random. Usually get one along with the Ossus Robe. The Dantooine cave, of course.
  9. Too bad they did in the 2000 election. How about the Rebel Assault Games? I mean part one even changed history. Like the battle of Yavin. But I think part 2 blew part one away.
  10. There's no evidence to support this whatsoever. <{POST_SNAPBACK}> Darth Traya is a fictional character from the Star Wars game Knights of the Old Republic II. Darth Traya is the name that the Force-witch Kreia took after she was exiled from the Jedi Order and became a Sith Lord, one of the three the title of the game refers to. She had also taught Darth Revan when she was still a Jedi. Jedi Master Kreia was consumed by guilt after the Jedi Civil War, wondering if her teachings had led to Revan's fall. Kreia travelled to Malachor V, which she sensed as Revan's last location and, corrupted by the dark side, embraced the secrets of the Sith (LucasArts KOTOR Chronicles). Define "no".
  11. Trading insults in posts. Also, I actually liked Peragus. It was dark and mysterious.
  12. Right. They do what is in their best intrests. Revan purposefully left planets largely unscathed, so they could be ready for occupation, used for mining, factories, etc. So, if Onderon remained in the Republic, it would continue to aid in the TRP. One more world ready to be subjugated.
  13. There were Republic soldiers at Malachor as well. As a matter of fact, a majority of those on the surface were loyal to the Republic. Revan killed two birds with one stone, or planet as the case may be.
  14. I just killed that hippie on Nar Shaddaa and didnt suffer any DS points. I dont have any saves near the end of Dantooine or Onderon to check on the others.
  15. It's binary. Supposedly you can use it on that first computer that asks you to "Enter the count." I always slice it.
  16. Nihilus=Nihilism. This one is more fitting, IMO. Atris=Attrition. She does seek the destruction of the Sith. However, an alternative definition is "Sorrow for one's sins" Hmm, root word of "mauling," would that be "maul"? And yes Bane would be Bane. Is it any wonder that the Forgotten Realms god of strife and hatred is named Bane?
  17. She tells you that you no longer are worthy of carrying it.
  18. I get the cloudy effect and the auras, but cant see thru doors or walls.
  19. Much later in the game. You wont miss it, it's part of the main storyline. And no, you dont get your old Lightsaber back.
  20. Did some Google searching. Seem Revan is a name in Italian and Portugese. Sion=Scion, meaning heir. I highly doubt it's the second definition "A detached shoot or twig containing buds from a woody plant, used in grafting." <_< Not very intimidating. Darth Twig. Lol
  21. Ugh, you cant do it like that. If we assume they are fighting, we have to assume they are on a level playing field. Same BAB/skill/feat progression, same choice of powers same items available. Just cause the devs added things, doesnt mean that there is no way that the chars in part one should even have them. I mean if you wandered around BGII with your crappy little level 9 mage wielding a +1 staff and only a handful of spells, you would die quite horribly. But then your level 30 Sorcerer with epic level spells, Staff of the Magi, and Vecna's Robe pops into BGI, and kicks the crap out of everything without taking a single hit. Is that fair? No!!
  22. Point of order--Droids arent alive. I did Nar Shaddaa late, so didnt have much use for him. He still annoyed me though.
  23. Really. You never hear of any Darth Bob out there. Ph34r his 1337ness!! Sorry about that. I usally hate leet speak.
  24. Ignorant? I hate stupid people. I played a Ranger in BGII with racial enemy Illithid, with the justification that killing them would mean less stupid people in the world. I've met people who are so stupid, they literally leave me speechless. If ignorance is bliss, they must be very &*%$ing happy! As Desharik says "By the gods, I feel stupider for having spoken with them. Stupider? More stupid? Gah! Get them out of here! They may all have his disease of the mind!" You dont like Bastila's attitude? It's kind of like she's the teacher, and you're the naughty school boy. Ummm...not that I'm into that. " And Junior? I'm 24.
  25. Bastilla, easily. Were it not for Nihilous/The Exile, Visas would be nothing. Bastila has far more skill and power. Plus, she has confidence. And if you go into a battle, worrying about the outcome, you will lose. And Bastila would wipe the floor with Mira. (w00t)
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