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  1. There have been a couple of misguided answers to this one- for the record, as a race, Zabrak have incredible willpower and general mental control. The reason Kreia couldn't read him is simply because Bao-Dur didn't want her to. You, on the other hand, are another story. If you listen, he's actually actively trying to use that link to get private messages through to you. From the cut sound files: Bao-Dur: I know you can hear me. I've always known. It is why I followed you. I have destroyed planets for you, general. But now, just once, if we could save... something in this galaxy. I need to do this or I will die inside, like I died on Malachor V. You know where you must go. It calls to you still. And she must be stopped, there, now- or she will bring the screams of Malachor V to the galaxy, just as we carried the echo all this way. Now Malachor V comes to us- and I wish to face it this last... time..." Have I mentioned I love this guy?
  2. That's all well and good... I mean, I get why Bao-Dur isn't around once you get to the planet's surface. It's the Big Show-Down, and you're on your own. My issue is, if he's not dead (and there are some serious problems with him suddenly being dead, mind you) then why does Kreia completely neglect to mention his future when she does her last-minute plot wrapup? Obsidian, pleeeeeease... pleeeeeease.... give me closure!
  3. Can someone... anyone... tell me what happened to Bao-Dur at the end of TSL? One minute I have my faithful zabrak watching my back, and the next, the Remote pops up with some cryptic holograms and Kreia's like, "wha? Bao-Dur who?". Now, I know a lot of content was cut, and I'm far too late to join the cry-about-the-ending party anyway, as the game has been out for quite a while now. This isn't a complaint. This is a desperate plea for some official comment on the story line. You guys spent months creating a character people could come to care about, only to abruptly leave a huge, baffling chasm where he used to be. Theory #1 insists Bao-Dur was missing because he was busy repairing the ship from its rough touchdown. It's what I'd like to believe, but doesn't even begin to address Kreia's sudden bout of amnesia during her infamous glimpse-into-the-future speech. Theory #2 claims he died in the crash on Malachor V. If that's actually true, then... damn. Way to snuff a character without a death scene. Still, it doesn't quite make sense. When would he have had the chance to program and prep the Remote for its part in the final showdown? Does anyone know if there's official word on this?
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