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  1. Nar Shaada--I head into the entertainment promenade and the Twin Suns have their little conversation. I exit and one of them is still standing next to the Promenade entrance. If I try talking to her it replays the scene of them stalking me Even after the two fights, she's still there. And one time when Atton fought them, only one went hostile. The other stayed neutral, and said she was busy. In the Pazaak den the inner door was closed, but I could walk thru it. I couldnt click on to interact with it either Hanharr and Mira clones are still waiting around. Not really a bug, but Atton is able to understand T3, but couldn't on Peragus Station Various fights--I'm losing and two party members get knocked out. The third runs to lose the enemies so they can heal, use items, engage stealth, etc. My unconcious party members appear next to them and wake up, but with minimum health.
  2. I was a LS Guardian and got many of them to Light mastery. Or maxed out if I didn't/couldn't train them, like T3. Hmm a Droid Jedi, but then they arent alive, so they wouldn't be able to feel the Force. Yet I could never get Haindmaiden to tell me about Atris.
  3. Yeah, he becomes a Guardian, Like Handmaiden (aka Brianna). Since my first play-thri was as a Guardian, I didnt want 3 of them, cause I use those two a lot.
  4. I heard that the 'true Sith' were an entire race. And 'Darth' is a truncated version of "DARk lord of the siTH". <{POST_SNAPBACK}> One of the messages on a "Loading" screen in KotOR One confirms this. Supposedly extinct for many centuries, though. The "Dark Jedi" Sith are considered to be people who follow the ideals of the Sith race.
  5. I knew early on I couldn't trust that b****. Most RPG's I play evil characters, slaughtering all those do-gooders--i.e. Paladins. But here, I just dont do it. I dont know why, but I play as Light Sided.
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