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  1. Yes, there shall be a KOTOR 3. But you'll have to wait a very long time for it. I want Bioware to do KOTOR 3, I liked the first KOTOR so much. That game is just truly amazing.
  2. Silver's the worst colour I've seen on a Lightsaber, if it can be considered one. I voted for Red.
  3. You don't have to say Revan was a Male though, I found the Sith Holocron by saying Revan was a Female Dark sider.
  4. I doubt they are common, HK-74. You can only find both at specific places, and never at other places. The armband belonged to the Exile and because of the fact that you were brought to Peragus the armband was left behind in the Republic ship. It probably belonged to the Exile during the Mandalorian Wars as well.
  5. My favourite is a double-bladed Lightsaber, most likely Red.
  6. I see you have been browsing Supershadow's site, and believe me that guy lies. As I said, it is possible something happens that basically wipes out the whole galaxy, slowing down the way they evolve with technology and history about Revan and Malak is not passed on because so many people died. Perhaps it is the 'True Sith' that will cause this.
  7. Well, I couldn't either, but I'm still a wreck of the Dark side. I just made her my lover and killed the others. Actually I could kill her and I've done it, it's just that I prefer her as my lover/apprentice.
  8. Well I'm beginning to like the KOTOR period the most... even more so than the movies. In fact, I voted for KOTOR, it surpasses the movies in most ways for me. Though I like the Original Trilogy and KOTOR almost equally, KOTOR is just a bit better in my eyes.
  9. I always picture Revan as a DS Male, and a smart one. Not just someone that lives on his ego, but a pure genious, which Revan is anyway. But I think people choose themselves what path Revan chose, and what gender Revan is, I do not want an "official" label.
  10. The only thing that you need to do to find the Sith Holocron is to say to Atton that Revan was Dark side, male or female doesn't matter. Am I the only one that gets Bastila saying things like "There is no one left with the power to control the Forge"? I even recorded it and the file is on my PC.
  11. Well go Nar Shadaa first to get HK-47 faster (and not to mention that once you are done with the very boring planet, you can have fun at the "fun" planets like Dantooine or Korriban) and Dantooine first most likely to get that special crystal that is tuned to you. Am I the only one that finds Nar Shadaa to be the biggest pain in the whole game? I can't describe how boring that place is.
  12. Luke Skywalker, the son of the Chosen One.
  13. It was funny how I also killed Traya with Force Crush alone. My Wisdom was like 41 and I was a Consular/Sith Lord. And yes I did Force Confusion on Sion, would have been funny if he started killing other Sith. My Force powers were never too effective on Nihilus though, he must have high Wisdom.
  14. I look forward to making HK-47 and T3 tell me everything they possibly can.
  15. It seems like it, but you can't persuade the Echani sisters. Well actually one of them you can persuade, but the Handmaiden herself refuses to show you anything.
  16. If you find a host please send me a private message. I can also send it to you through MSN Messenger, ICQ, or AIM.
  17. Bokishi, I don't know where to upload the recording. It's a MP3 file, I believe. Try different media players if it doesn't work at first. Until I found a place to upload it: Here is a direct 100% complete quote... (Spoiler alert) "Betrayals mount, no matter who wins, the Sith will lose. There is no one left with the power to control the Forge. Though many have tried, I've watched them be devoured, their life drained from them as they attempt to tap into its power. Knowing what we do of the Builders and their fate, I'm convinced that Revan did not intend us to keep the Star Forge - to use it would mean the end of the Sith... the end of the Force. I have done as Revan asked and remained here... [recording ends]" Now I shall try to find a reliable host...
  18. Magazines are always good for reading everywhere, I prefer them much more than reading reviews online, which I consider a very dull activity. I bet you will all lose your bets...
  19. All I can do is to play the game and see it for myself, but I have no camera that can transfer pictures to the PC, I only have a regular one (pretty old). But there is a way I could record it with my MP3 player and use the USB cable I got when I bought it to transfer the file to my PC. Maybe I'm exaggerating here, do you want me to record the conversation or not?
  20. Which would mean I am right and you are not; surely you realize the joy I experience. Seriously, she said it, and that's it. Perhaps I will load a saved game file, perhaps not.
  21. She did in my game. I remember it too clearly. At one time she said just 'Forge'. I would gladly go and load the savegame...
  22. Epiphany; the Star Forge can only be controlled by someone powerful enough to control it. I assume you have found the Sith Holocron in the Sith Academy? Bastila says: [ Well, ok, Malak was also powerful enough to control it. But both are gone and as you can see it takes tremendous power to control the Star Forge, which would take you a pretty long time to achieve. By the time you would have, it would be too late. It's not an exact quote (Bastila Holocron) but it's basically what she said.
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