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  1. Well depends on your PC. Mine is 3 years old (even though KOTOR 1 ran just fine on it) but if a game works like total crap on my PC I usually see if I can get it for Xbox or Gamecube
  2. Yea some reviewers get games pre-release, so I believe this, cool picture.
  3. Yes, also, aren't the Xboxers with Live getting downloadable content? Cause I heard somewhere that only North American Xboxers with Live will get downloadable content. That's just lame if it's true, why shouldn't we too get downloadable content?
  4. ...Meaning that I have to wait until February to get KOTOR 2? I'm in Europe. Goddamn it. We in Europe always get slapped on release dates. I guess I'll get Zelda: The Minish Cap instead
  5. When will the European version of KOTOR 2 be released for the Xbox? I heard that any non-American version is gonna be released in February. If that is true I am devastated, I was gonna get KOTOR 2 for Christmas.
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