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  1. Just started to look really carefully through the game, in the main menu under the movie section... it says unlocked 5/64! I have the intro, some FMVs and the credits, there's 64 in total movies! Offtopic PS. The Republic Commando demo has the coolest music in the main menu.. Sovjet-style choir-singing! :D
  2. Of the little little little I have played, the replay value seems to be big JUST because of the skills. I put about one or two points in every skill, just a little test play and it was pretty cool. At the Lab Table(or what it was called) I had two points into the Treat Injury and that let me create medecine packs. Another computer had the options [Repair] but I failed, it also had the option [Computer Use] and the [Awareness] skill did actually bring up extra dialog! Oh and the game is dark..... I've played about an hour and have just met three people in the game so far. The place is really
  3. I actually found it! A little shop in Yuma, Colorado! My friends uncle owns it and he was kind enough to sell it! Yet my Xbox isn't here, my cousin borrowed it and I called him and told him to rush over here...... which will take him about a hour! DAMN IT! I just keep looking at nice boxart! Can't wait to play! Hope you all get it soon!
  4. Sure, this topic has gone offtopic many times, but what kind of question is that really? This forums has its ups and downs and becomes sometimes crazy, I think I'm losing my head.
  5. The starter of the thread this topics centers around has been updated has a new post, giving a little more first impression of the game, spoiler free. Three characters from the cast list are also mentioned, enjoy:
  6. But they did have it in storage, didn't they ZethstaBane?
  7. You'll have to wait a couple of hours, i'd say about 10 hours or so.
  8. There. I asked him about it, you just have to wait now for him to answer it.
  9. LOL, GREAT picture, he not only showed proof that he had the game, he also scanned in the 12th page of the manual, just to show the third word! Yay for him! :D
  10. Bah..... it's monday soon enough, I'll wait. If anybody has a question they want me to post to him, shoot.
  11. Lacan said that somebody should post it and I did it just for the hell of it. Maybe someone with the manual *cough*developers*cough* could confirm if that he is correct regarding the word. Maybe I should ask for a whole sentence instead? :S
  12. I've posted a message stating that I am doubtfull especially because he said Jeremy Soule is doing the soundtrack, I also added "third word on the 12th page of the manual"-request, just for the fun of it! And I asked for some sort of proof, it's either sink or swim now for him.
  13. Really? Who is? Gonna register just to confront him about this.
  14. They're lying to you! They know that you want it and thus, they will not sell it to you...fight for it! Any means necessary!
  15. Anyone within 100 mile radius of a Walmart, go and check them now for the game! I know you want it, you know you want it, Obsidian knows you want it! The game knows that you want it! I WANT IT! All work and no play makes TheAco a dull boy. All work and no play makes TheAco a dull boy. All work and no play makes TheAco a dull boy. All work and no play makes TheAco a dull boy. etc.(assuming that everyone has seen The Shinning, you know how it continues).
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