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  1. What do you get instead of Force Crush if you are a Marauder or Assasin?
  2. By saying combat overshines the story in KOTOR 2 I mean that it seems more like the developers focused on making a good combat system, yet the story remains with its pile of failures, it was OK but not very much. To me the combat system seemed really great, but the story... not so good.
  3. And so the metalcold empire of LucasArts decides to slap its customers once more. First they rush great games, ruining them greatly, now this. And a tip to DoctorKiara seeing as I also have an MP3 player... (cough Direct Connect ++ cough)
  4. The Exile is not Nihilus. They're both the same, they were both at above Malachor and they both use the technique that allows them to feed on others, but that is all. I doubt they are the same person, like twins. Nihilus is obviously a man, and you can be a woman.
  5. Vandar died by the hands of Darth Nihilus. I am mad at Nihilus for this; I wanted to personally meet and kill Vandar, but very well.
  6. After you have found all the Jedi Masters, return to the Dantooine Jedi Enclave. Simple as that
  7. You dip donuts?...right, anyway back to the topic at hand. I prefer the story over the combat, KOTOR 1 is an example of when the story overshines the combat, KOTOR 2 is an example of when the combat overshines the story.
  8. First of all, where the heck does it say that Nihilus was her pupil? Second of all, I see many holes in your theory already. Sure you and Nihilus share the ability to drain people, you're responsible for his existance, but that's about it.
  9. Palpatine is not cute.... You might as well say Kreia is sexy.
  10. But they did say that the international version will feature a few bug fixes.
  11. Well god forbid they should use a new model. They just took an excisting one and slapped the name 'Darth Malak's armour' on it...
  12. Wow, that's really cool! How does it look?
  13. My very first time took 60 hours I think, but that's because I often got stuck and ran around places for ages trying to figure out what to do, and I also left the game while I was eating and all other activies.
  14. That's the picture I got my avatar from, but way before you posted it. It should be made clear that you didn't actually take that screenshot, I've seen it on several sites.
  15. I love T3 and HK-47 (HK especially) but G0-T0? I'd rather not see the fat one return, as HK-47 calls him. I also would like if you could play as Revan and someone else, (you choose Revan or <new person> when you start a new game) the replay value would be excellent. Also a night/day feature would be great, I even know a game for the Gameboy Colour that has that. You just set the time in the game to what it really is on your clock, and whenever it's night or day at your place, it'll be night or day within that game. A feature like this would be nice to have in KOTOR 3.
  16. I believe Maul said something like "At last we shall have revenge" and I also remember "Fear is my ally".
  17. The most logical attribute is Intelligence.
  18. Even as my statement remains about reading spoiler posts, I have put it in spoiler tags, and quoting it does NOT help, jaguars4ever. Do feel free to spend your time at reporting a registered user on this forum called seeing as this person's name alone is a spoiler.
  19. I think it's gonna be a really long time before they even decide they want to do KOTOR 3, let alone the developing process of the game.
  20. I unlocked 85% of all containers using just 1 point for Security. I used Security Tunnelers and for some reason I had a +4 bonus to my Security but I never knew why. There was no item that I had equipped, I checked.
  21. Do you mean the name or the fact that Nihilus and the Exile are ?
  22. Who forced you to read my whole post? If it's a spoiler, blame yourself for reading the post so much.
  23. Why aren't Atris or Vrook in that list? They're the worst Jedi I have ever seen.
  24. Yes this current engine is 50% of what makes KOTOR what it is to me, I would never ever want some sort of first person shooter engine. Upgrades sure, freshen up the engine and all, but no new engine. I would never buy KOTOR 3 if it was made on the Halo engine, I dislike Halo 1 and 2 a lot. I've bought them both to see what the big fuss is all about, and I still haven't found out, they are two of the most boring first person shooters I've ever played. Perfect Dark and Goldeneye still kicks the crap out of them. I'm tired of seeing people worship two games that do not deserve fame.
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