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  1. Well because the real ways to be a great saberist is to have two sabers at once or a double-bladed Lightsaber. I think you should be able to have Superior Dueling yes, but in truth the single blade is limited, the other two kinds are the real deal if you want to inflict a lot more damage.
  2. You can shave a Wookiee over and over, but you can only skin it once.
  3. No I would never buy one... what's the point in spending the same amount of money AGAIN just to have a few things fixed? This is why we have patches, and Obsidian chose to not take advantage of Xbox Live, so now the only choice left is a director's cut, which I wouldn't buy anyway.
  4. Well Vrook is just another example of the average Jedi in the KOTOR universe. They all preach, they all have problems forgiving, and refuse to show any sort of gratitude when being saved. Bastila and Vrook are examples - two stubborn Jedi. Atris as well... This is why I hate the Jedi of the KOTOR era, I prefer the Gizkas over them. Nor do I prefer the Sith though... I'd probably just use the Jedi to build up my strength and abandon them. I'd still stick to my favourite side (the Dark side), which would make a simple Dark Jedi, a fallen Jedi.
  5. Well I hate being a nice guy so I prefer the Dark side, but I see what you mean. I liked the LS ending a lot more... in fact, it's the only end I like. Why did I if I told Traya I want to follow Revan?
  6. Because some people love the music of the two KOTOR games. The best way so far to listen to listen to the music of KOTOR 2 is to go to the Music part of the main menu.
  7. First of all Atris was only jealous of the Exile because he/she got to do what Atris deep inside always wanted to; to go to war (or fight). So even since the Exile earned the title 'Exile', Atris has been sort of obsessed with the Exile. She's jealous. They never had a romance going on... and I doubt Atris is 65. Maybe you were joking...
  8. Well I guess the Exile is in his/her late twenties... depends on what face you chose, I guess.
  9. Gee, that's such a good idea. I wonder why people didn't come up with it before. <{POST_SNAPBACK}> Because some people don't even have the game yet.
  10. Well, why should I be able to master dual sabers if my intention was to master a double-bladed Lightsaber, or the other way around? Yes, I do want separate feats.
  11. Well I'm probably getting this game, I liked Resident Evil 1/2/3, so this should be great. I'm not surprised it got such a high score by "IGN", supposedly it has a lot of advanced functions, they've really improved upon the average Resident Evil game.
  12. HK-47 has always been my favourite droid, so I vote for him.
  13. A poor excuse is to say you showed off Renaissance art, which I'm very sure wasn't your intention to begin with, but very well, I'm sure you won't admit it. I am also saying you were part of the reason my thread got removed. You and a bunch of other guys were the whole reason, and you alone were a part of it. If you don't care what the reasons were, why do you discuss them to begin with? It's a fact that it wasn't my fault, and it's clear. And now I'm not clicking this thread anymore because you are a stubborn person that just won't stop it, as am I. Have fun replying, I won't be reading your reply anytime this century. But where are my manners? I would like to welcome you to something called "my Ignore list".
  14. Ah, yes... the fat one, as my favourite droid likes to call him. He has much to say, but it doesn't mean he is always correct.
  15. Do I really need to send you a copy of the Private Message the moderator sent me to make you shut up? Consider this: you are not a person that carries all true knowledge. That's going to be hard to realize for you.
  16. Well actually you can with KOTOR 2, in the main menu all you do is go to "Music" and then you're free to listen to the game's music. But of course, people prefer a music CD or the mp3 files.
  17. There is no such thing as gray... you're always either doing something of the Light, or the Dark. There's nothing between good and bad, whatever you do is perhaps a bit of both in that case.
  18. First of all, the moderator said himself to me that the removal had nothing to do with MY posts. And no it's no grudge, this is just a place in the internet I visit to discuss KOTOR 2. Sometimes I just hate seeing normal threads being spammed, but I'll guess I leave you all to it
  19. You do this in many threads. Just go off-topic and spam for the heck of it. You even had one of my threads removed because of the spam you were causing, and all I was trying was to discuss Nihilus. I don't care if you want my opinion or not, I'll give it to you again and again.
  20. Well this is a different age, so perhaps dual sabers and all that isn't too rare. Maybe it's just like extra homework for higher grades, everyone can do it but not many wish to because they can't be arsed.
  21. She told me that she saw a graveyard in space, or something like that. Well myself I'm so tired of discussing Nihilus so I'm just jumping out of this.
  22. I knew it, I wondered why this thread reached 17 pages, and there we have it. Is this really the place to discuss real life sex/love? No... And posting a nude picture is certainly not related to this topic. Some of you go really damned far at times, just to up the post count.
  23. Star Wars d20 Vitality system <{POST_SNAPBACK}> What is that?
  24. When HK-47 says: (The following is him imitating Carth) Mockery: Oh master, I cannot trust you! I cannot trust anyone, ever again! Then HK-47 proceeds to saying: "I must admit when around my master's whiny companions, I wanted to aim my blaster against my behaviour core and pull the trigger" Also when HK-47 says: "Oh master, you wound me! (goes calm) Not physically of course, but in my behaviour core."
  25. All of you that said KOTOR 2 had a better story need to be Force Crushed after I've used Force Kill and Force Storm on you repeatedly. Damn you people are crazy, have you no sense for a good story?
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