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  1. I have beaten the game three times, and I have barely seen a bug. It has crashed once, my swoop started flying, and Bao-Dur didn't want to speak to me. That's all that happened throughout three playthroughs. I'm glad I'm not as "full of bugs" as others.
  2. Yes, one should never rush through a game, but still KotorianRuler you must be really bored now, as I can see...
  3. I've got it on Xbox and I'm probably gonna get it for PC. Though playing in front of my TV in my bed/couch is much more comfortable, so I don't know for sure.
  4. Well, myself, I am glad it came to the Xbox, but not because it came to the Xbox first. It's just that I just happened to have a Xbox, and the Xbox guarantees that the game will run fine, while my PC doesn't. Also, I like playing at consoles a lot more than on PCs.
  5. For KOTOR 2, my DS Male was Tarak, my LS Male was Nexus, and my DS Female... I forgot her name. I don't like two names for a character, I always prefer just one name, like how Malak and Revan were known as only Malak and Revan, and nothing more.
  6. I wonder that too... the developers said there was gonna be Xbox Live, but no... I guess we'll just have to purchase the PC version in our own ways and then wait for the patches. I guess that's the penalty for an early release for the Xbox. Those who have to wait more will experience a less buggy experience, as I have heard the developers are fixing a few bugs for the international version.
  7. Same here, I did everything for T3 but didn't see any video. I think you need more Intelligence.
  8. I don't think so, because: Obviously you haven't beaten the game (or seen Bastila) but there's the truth, above.
  9. I voted "Yes". KOTOR 2 wasn't that bad in my eyes. I guess I can settle for less why others cry like children that didn't get what they wanted.
  10. I can play Half-Life 2 just great with my 3-4 year old PC, and the same went for KOTOR 1 and other new games. So far I can play any game, and I haven't even upgraded, but that's because I don't know how the heck you put all the parts in the PC, I guess I'll have to call some PC-devoted guy for that.
  11. #3: You're a Force sensitive Hutt in disguise, it turns out you are Jabba's father.
  12. The Jedi Civil War started a bit before KOTOR 1, actually, and ended with Revan killing Malak, I think.
  13. We already have this kind of game, we call it Jedi Knight: Academy/Outcast. Seriously, I hate the whole thing with Luke having that academy on Yavin IV and that.
  14. 52, seriously? There are other things to do than to beat KOTOR, you know. In my opinion anything over 4-5 is way off the edge. I don't understand how you don't get tired of it.
  15. Yes, Bastilla_Skywalker. Your wait will finally be over, and you'll like the smell of a new game (I wonder if it's dangerous to inhale?) as well as beating it a lot of times. I actually think KOTOR 2 has more replay value than the first one, it has more features that you can try in many ways.
  16. That's what I mean, single sabers can be great but they have their limits. It's simple logic that the other two kinds have more potential.
  17. you sure about that? the dialogue i got with her as a lightsider sure hinted at a LOT more than just jealousy. i think perhaps you didnt explore all the dialogue options, since a few of them clearly hint at some kind of "past" between the two (assuming exile is male). <{POST_SNAPBACK}> I've beaten the game three times and I've never noticed a romance between Atris and me, and I've chosen a lot of dialogues, different ones each time. Traya said she loved me in the end, but I could understand she did not mean it that way.
  18. The Double-bladed Lightsaber is more difficult to master, the same goes for Dual sabers. I suspect that the knowledge on how to create a double-bladed Lightsaber was lost during some time in the movies. Maybe even the knowledge on how to use it was lost as well. And perhaps making a Lightsaber is much more harder than we believe it is, hence the lack of people using Dual sabers. The Sith created the double-bladed Lightsaber, so I suspect Jedis do not want to wield a Sith weapon, for obvious reasons. I guess some people couldn't be arsed learning more advanced Lightsaber techniques, who knows.
  19. I'm actually gonna try Ninja Gaiden, I keep hearing it's so good. Then again that's what everybody said about Halo 1 and 2, and I didn't like them... (I got both)
  20. Exactly what envida said; the parts needed to build a Lightsaber can't be created, you need to find them. What you built, Stargate: 2000, was parts for upgrading a Lightsaber.
  21. I can relate to what you are complaining about, we here in Europe always get games after USA and Japan, and it's really annoying, not to mention a console game here costs atleast 84 US dollars (just to get some of you to see the price difference).
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