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  1. Half-life 2 Kotor 1&2 neverwinter nights morrowind starcraft call of duty
  2. HK-47 for i too call humans meatbags or Jolee I could definatly see myself as a grumpy old hermit that no one really likes who uses sock suspenders
  3. mine is wikir tiwas though the name i use as an alias for all internet things (as you can see) and for RPG's is Darth Chunkinator
  4. why would someone play it through 3 time if it sucked??
  5. I have a thing for red heads, so it has to be Mira, handmaiden was a close second, Kreia??? you must be shrooming
  6. The constant "Let's form up" in a british accent started to piss me off other than that it's a great game
  7. I, personally, think that Starcraft is one of the best games ever made. at least in the RTS genre. it lead me to buy warcraft 3, which made me appreciate Starcraft even more, I didn't like WC3. The sequel to this masterpiece has haunted my dreams for several years, and the pain has gotten worse since Ghost was made a console only title. I was just wondering if anyone had heard anything, or felt like sharing. grrrrrrrrr
  8. And if you are in school (like me) you can use your PC for homework and pursue other *cough* activities that cannot be done on an XBOX, I think that as far as overall value goes, looking past game, a PC is a much better deal.
  9. I am a freshman in highschool, i am in algebra II and Chemistry. I have learned Visual basic and are learning C++. next year i will be taking physics and hopefully soon after that i will be taking a computer sciences AP class. What else should i learn? oh and if i take math every year i will get to high AP Calculus
  10. indeed, ES IV: Oblivion (sequel) sounds awsome, haha, jousting.
  11. I liked morrowind for it's open endedness, how you could do any thing any time, any place. I played the game for more than 100 hours without starting the "Main Quest". The only problem with Morrowind was the fighting, this is just personal opinion but i like turnbased slightly better than first person, atleast in an RPG. I liked Neverwinter night's story better, and it was turned based. Also, henchmen might have been a good addition to Morrowind that came later in the form of Pack animals in Tribunal. even that wasn't very impresive.
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