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  1. The game froze up on me often,normally after not having saved in awhile , and i did have some really strange graphic glitches at times.A little frustrating..yes.Game killing no. My friend though had it freeze up on him while saving the game and he was near the end.Completly corrupted his save game and he started over.Don't know why he didn't start back at an auto save,or maybe he disabled it. Though one of the hints given in the load screens is Save often and in different spots.Wonder why "
  2. I played 60 hours,though alot of it was running back and forth and those load times,and i'll probably need to play it at least 2 more times to be able to work out the main characters relationships to all the characters plus to open up their backstories. Then start a darside game and go through it again just to see how the dynamics change with everyone.
  3. Well of course its about the money.I think artistic vision went out along time ago in the entertaiment business.Though thats not to say there isn't a place for it. Also all the people who work on them don't do it for their own personal satisfaction as the main reason.Companies want and need to see a profit so they can continue in business. If KotoR games were not entertainig then most people wouldn't buy them,though there would still be that hardcore who did just because it has the Star Wars brand name on it. I also agree if a III comes out it would be for X-Box 2.With apparent launch titles being Halo 3,Elder Scrolls:Oblivion,and possibly KotoR III alot of people would be running to buy one.Would make ssound business sense to hold off on the title until the new platform is out.
  4. My question wasn't about who he is, I already know that. My initial question was if someone had gotten more of his backstory beside the stuff that I had put in the spoilertags..... <{POST_SNAPBACK}> My bad.Guess i misunderstood. Though he still is tough to open up.I had him travel with me for awhile and i never recieved a new dialouge option.Never even recieved positive or negative points with him in influence due to my actions or conversations with him. I was hoping for a little more.
  5. He is a tough nut to crack. Though Kreias conversation,before heading to Onderon,with him reveals alot more about his backstory then any of the stuff i got him to say. The voice was familiar,but i wasn't sure until that point.Also pay attention to the end credits
  6. I played a total lightside game so i don't know if some things are different for others. I liked the ending to a point.Too many unresolved questions.Though i think i can answer the one about Bao-Dur.His mind is alien to Kreia,she could not read it or him and doubted your character when you told her you heard his thoughts.So maybe the same thing clouded her vision of his future. Mira what happened to her after her confrontation with Hanharr?Apparently she would live only to die somewhere else. How did the EbonHawk get off the planet.Last seen it fell into a chasm,and even if it did survive the fall it didn't seem to be in any shape to fly. Was it your character flying away on the EbonHawk?You never see just who is onboard.Did you stay behind on the doomed planet?Or did you follow Revan into that place that is not of this physical world to do battle against the greater evil that threatens everything? Apparently you made the choice to blow up the planet.Though Gotos confrontation with Bao-Durs droid(forgot his name..oops)is not resolved.Why would Goto allow it to destroy the planet even if you okayed it?He felt it played a greater role in its existence to the Republic.Also Kreia made mention that Malachor V would draw other warriors into the great battle to come,a battle that would dwarf the Mandalorian and Jedi civil wars in determining the fate of the galaxy.It would be a testing ground and gathering point against a terrible threat to all.No choice was given it just was destroyed.
  7. Hmm.Thought of that.Which of every single topic that is on this forum that the search brought up should i have started in?
  8. I'm a little curious.To me one of the best parts of any game like this is naming your character.So what,and why,did you name your character(s) what you did? I'm asking also because when i showed my buddy my characters name,and what i chose as my username here,he laughed. I think it has a very Star Wars feel to it...Fargo Farth.This guy had to be tough going through life with a name like that. :D Seriously though i know there has to be some good names out there and stories behind them.
  9. KotoR III? If there is one*fingers crossed* i would like to see some of the following. The story finished to its logical conclusion.Theres been hints dropped throughout the first two games that something sinister and dark is bidding its time beyond the Outer Rim.A threat that makes the Sith who have caused all the latest trouble seem a pale threat.Canderous made mention of it in the first one,running into something in an asteroid belt,this latest installment gives it greater depth but it still lurks in the shadows.Therefor the adventure taken out of the known and into the unknown.Into the dark place and against the threat that Revan left behind his companions to face.The one that seemed to make even Canderous pause. New worlds,bigger worlds,more involved worlds.I would even like to see a pre-empire Corsucant.One game allowed you to travel there briefly,forget which one for the old PS1,it would make a very interesting world.Mandalorian worlds. Greater fleshing out of characters,more dialouge between characters,more involved dialouge.Multiple endings.Not just light and dark but also neutral.Endings affected by what the character did or didn't do.More party members available to recruit,though you wouldn't be able to recruit all of them in a game.Each game would play out slightly different and would add to the replay value.A game that is more story and character driven then the last two.It's asking alot,but it's why i play the game.The combat is an integral part of the game,but to me it's all about the characters,the combat is the inbetween part in developing my relationships with my party and the story. I'm asking for nothing less than an epic adventure that not only explores the boundaries of the Star Wars universe but reaches out beyond them to new races,events,losses and triumphs.I'm only asking for a continuation of one of the best,most intriguing,and entertaining explorations of the Star Wars universe and mythos around. Might add more later.
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