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  1. Tell me you don't actually believe "SuperShadow"? <{POST_SNAPBACK}> Please, read more recent posts before you come to a conclusion, it might help you out in real life. <{POST_SNAPBACK}> I came to no conclusion. All I had was a question, and now I have answered it.
  2. Tell me you don't actually believe "SuperShadow"? And guess what Epiphany; the Star Forge can only be controlled by someone powerful enough to control it. I assume you have found the Sith Holocron in the Sith Academy? Bastila says:
  3. ...And will you fools quit arguing? From what I see you're just gonna go on and on until a moderator does something about your amusing conversation.
  4. I chose: Why, you might ask? I don't like the Jedi or the Sith, but I could always join the Jedi to use them to build up my power, but I would never fight for their cause, and when I would become powerful enough I would just abandon the Jedi forever. I am still naturally drawn to the Dark side for some reason, so I would always stay Dark (maybe go Light for the Jedi training, then go back to Dark when I abandon them). Also I would explore a lot of worlds (I love exploring the Star Wars universe) and try to find some sort of hidden key to power.
  5. What's with Valley of the Dark Lords? Isn't that what it is called? And there's also a possibilty something very very very big happens to the galaxy after KOTOR 2, perhaps through the massive killing there was no way to pass on information about Darth Revan, Malak, and the other Sith Lords.
  6. Yes but it still seems a bit peculiar why Sion would be the only one to refer to Revan as Lord Revan, but very well.
  7. lol If you were laughing at what I wrote to HK-74 I was just joking with him so don't think I go around and tell people to shut their mouths because their breaths smell like "bantha poodoo"
  8. Kreia is the reason the Exile is on this journey of his/hers, without her there wouldn't be much point to KOTOR 2.
  9. You may want to delete this thread, in the interests of ever getting laid again. <{POST_SNAPBACK}> You make little sense than he/she does. Keep your mouth shut, droid. But how is Naga Sadow not entombed on Korriban? Who's body was there in his sarcophagus then? And god that Basilisk War Droid on the picture looks so much like a huge piece of bantha poodoo.
  10. Here's a tissue... read the backside of it, it says "Play the game before whining"
  11. Well I'm not spending a lot of money just to play some stupid droid planet
  12. So does everyone else. <{POST_SNAPBACK}> No. He's the only one that said Lord Revan in KOTOR 2. The rest said just Revan or Darth Revan.
  13. Insanity, Force Crush, Force Storm, Death Field
  14. Perhaps Sion was a follower of Revan, he keeps referring to Revan as Lord Revan.
  15. To whoever said Nihilus was around before Revan: Revan was born before Nihilus, most likely. But yes perhaps Nihilus and Sion were sitting around waiting to attack the Jedi and the Republic until KOTOR 2... but how can you know if Kreia's "flashback" was when you said it was?
  16. Look, scrap all your complicated ideas. Let's just get some online/splitscreen co-op for KOTOR 3. I would love so much to beat a few levels together with friends.
  17. We never saw or read evidence that Nihilus was the leader. They both have the Darth title, Traya likewise. I guess you could even say Traya was the leader, she seemed to fool both into doing things that led to their downfalls, but that was revenge if you ask me. I think they were co-operating, all three.
  18. I bet his secret power is to annoy us to death! Force Annoy.
  19. Vader is also using the Dark side. Look, face it, he was perhaps powerful with the Force itself, but saber combat was never his thing. Anakin had the potential to become stronger than any living Force user has ever had, and he blew it.
  20. Your arguments are as usual petty and most of the time made up. Nihilus was not the leader, you are obviously a Nihilus fanatic.
  21. Hahaha, imagine Malak coming up to you going "Ha-ha-ha! Don't you get it? There is no plot twist!" 1. What?! How could you do this to me, Bastila? [Movie sequence starts] They say the plot twists can do terrible things to a mind. What greater weapon is there than to have no plot twist?
  22. Quit spamming Anyway yes the game is full of bugs, luckily mine is not, I've beaten it three times and have barely seen bugs
  23. Marka Ragnos ruled for a century, Exar Kun's APPRENTICE beat Luke, Palpatine was incredibly smart, Revan was also incredibly smart and full of tactics (and powerful). Those are actually my favourite Sith Lords, though I have to say Revan comes first. Nihilus is interesting, but Obsidian blew his potential.
  24. I can't believe you people voted for Palpatine
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