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  1. Yeah, let's ignore direct statements from Todd Howard, the head of BGS, that Fallout 76 is a spin-off and their main titles were, are, and will be focused on singleplayer.
  2. They've been saying that since the late nineties and yet we still have singleplayer games. Hell, Witcher, PoE1, Wasteland 2, Fallout 4 (the ENTIRE Bethesda catalogue now and in the future*), HBS' catalogue (Battletech has an MP component, but it doesn't take priority over the robust main campaign), Total War series, Paradox games... That claim doesn't survive confrontation with reality. It's understandable that games that don't require you to dive into deep lore and riveting stories are more popular than those that do. Some games focus on the gameplay experience and that's perfectly fine. They have much bigger audiences specifically because they're easy to pick up, enjoy, and then drop when you need to do something else. This was the case for, what, two decades now? Despite that we still get quality SP games. In the same way that burger joints did not wipe out regular restaurants, MP won't wipe out SP.
  3. THIS MAKES ME ANGRIER THAN IT SHOULD And take two: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1yJ-g-MPV1UaJSkPuVwDRq5D3eImas_u9/view?usp=sharing The size of the Eastern Reach matches up (assuming it's that huge peninsula in its entirety, rather than just the tip), but the rest of the world feels... Odd. The Rauatai Gulf is roughly the size of the Adriatic, with the entire island bigger than Europe. Eastern Reach in its entirety is the size of Australia, the White that Wends is a little bit too much north to be, well, White (unless it's Naasitaq)... Gah, my inner geek is throbbing at the potential here! We need a developer's voice here. https://imgur.com/gallery/YvTIuI1 Imgur version for those who like it. It seems like this JES is getting a few more questions about the map, so... Time to become the Adoring Fan.
  4. What makes you think that? There's precisely zero reason for either to abandon single-player games.
  5. OOOOH IS IT? Time to check. There's also the globe in Durgan's Battery memorial room, but upon closer inspection, it was textured with a colored version of a stereographic projection of Antarctica. :/
  6. After trying to make heads and tails of the descriptions offered by the game: https://pillarsofeternity.gamepedia.com/User:Tagaziel/worldrefs And hoping that I managed to track most of them down, I decided to put together a rough map of what Eora might look like: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1p41sNv3S-GBOoymbjdekaSGz_Ddb_KC-/view?usp=sharing Of course, I had to work with limited sources, mostly in-game mentions, but also posts by JES and other developers. The basic assumptions are as follows: 1. As JES said, the Living Lands and Rauatai are northern hemisphere, with everything else in the south. 2. Aedyr is on the equator, which is about as close to a definite location as we get. The location of the Reach is extrapolated from the mostly temperate climate together with Ixamitl's savanna's, the mention of Old Vailians sailing into the Deadfire past the reach, and the logical landing spots of ships from the colonial powers. 3. Deadfire is plotted according to in-game coordinates. The entire map is based on that, in fact. Comments and feedback are welcome. Yes, Yezuha is kind of Australia, what with it having red deserts and being dry as ****. No, I'm not sure the size of the eastern continent is accurate. Yes, I have too much time on my hands.
  7. Because it abstracts contracting people to make the upgrades? I never considered it to be my character, specifically, doing the enchanting, but finding someone who specializes in soul magic and the applicable trade. Kind of hard for the Watcher to be simultaneously a master blacksmith, armorer, tanner, tailor, and so on and so forth.
  8. Works of culture reflect the times they're made in and these games are no exceptions. I'm kind of surprised to see someone complain about the excellent faction system which gives no perfect options and forces you to make hard choices - with no perfectly good way out (go alone is the very bad ending). Uh, they aren't the same kind. Rauatai and the Huana have been separated by two thousands years of history. To call them "their own kind" makes about as much sense as referring to modern western Europe/North Africa/Balkans as "one kind" because the Romans controlled it all at one time. I love Deadfire for its implementation of factions.
  9. If anyone hasn't seen nude Mirke yet, I'm archiving this on the wiki for posterity.
  10. Yep, that's what I arrived at too. It makes sense, given that Remaro's keen on keeping Serafen's idealism intact and for obvious reasons, the Principi involved don't want to broadcast their involvement.
  11. Given that Pillars 1 was refined enormously over the years, definitely.
  12. I'm amused by the "oh noes, not finally balanced!!11!!!!" complaints. No game was ever perfectly balanced on release. Ever. Especially since there are things that only come out when you have several tens of thousands of players figuring the game out and using it in ways not foreseen. Starcraft was fine tuned for years, as was Pillars of Eternity, not to mention the countless adjustments in MMOs.
  13. Well, they didn't expect one of their own to go breaking the very stuff that gives them their power effectively overnight. That said, they do have a contingency plan that involves either a. possessing their godlike or b. nomming their souls like Snickers bars to get a 1-up and deal with this crisis (but it's too late for that by the time you learn what Eothas intends).
  14. As long as they don't touch my Soul Blade with Charm+Dominate, I'm happy (nearly the same combo I've played in PoE1 and just as fun).
  15. Yeah, this could be useful. In general, the rule of thumb is that upgrades with similar effects or triggers are mutually-exclusive. We try to cover this on the wiki where we can, but for example: https://pillarsofeternity.gamepedia.com/Bronlar%27s_Phalanx Strategist and Tactician are mutually exclusive, as they have the same conditions for triggering the upgrade. The same goes for the other pair of upgrades, since they modify the base enchantment. I found it a pretty useful guideline.
  16. I'm done with the initial playthrough! PRetty much every location is covered, the vast majority of characters, quests (save a few, I couldn't get the Effigy one to trigger), and so on and so forth. WOOOO. Time to take a well-deserved break and return to cover lore and the missing parts!
  17. I've immortalized it for posterity here, with the translation: " She blinks once, her golden eyes opening wide, fixated on you. Her nostrils flare and the veins in her neck strain against her skin. "Vu maddicche postenago! Buffan vi! Cues es malgro me fulpa med tuor! Peri chue na cracuna ve engeri! Vu tros men merla!" [You damned idiot! **** yourself! This is all your fault anyway! I hope a kraken swallows you! You piece of ****!] Pallegina continues to issue forth a stream of unintelligible insults. Her hands are flowing through a series of obscene gestures as she backs away from you. Vailians around Queen's Berth turn their attention toward the fountain of profanity. Some are amused. A mother shields her smiling son's eyes from the vulgar pantomime. As Pallegina angrily stomps off into the distance, the pace of life returns to normal." I'm fairly sure the absence of voiceover really hamstrings this.
  18. This is also why I have problems describing Kyros as purely evil, as she replaces the myriad of unstable polities with long traditions of feuding and internecine warfare with a stable system of governance, redistribution of wealth, and removal of existing hierarchies - plus the means for advancement for the common folk, even people who started life as slaves. Then again, I never found Tyranny to be particularly, well, evil. It shows conquest without pulling any stops, but it doesn't do the "cackling evil" for the most part (except for Voices, it rocks).
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