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  1. Noticed it too. If I had to speculate, it might be that the game wipes your character, then remakes it at level up, which results in the item sets temporarily disappearing?
  2. You keep using the word "antagonist". I'm not sure you understand what it means. Or conflict. Just because Eothas isn't chasing you all across Eora or fighting against him is pointless doesn't mean he's not an antagonist or there isn't any conflict. No, I said, specifically, that the factions are an integral part of the story, but you can choose to ignore them if you wish - and the story reacts accordingly, showing that without the Watcher's aid, the Archipelago descends into chaos. If they weren't tied to the story, the game would simply ignore them. It is very much a trope. Dude, you seem smart. But insistence on things like "correct story flow" (according to what?) and claiming that a story constructed in a different way is not well-constructed (again, according to what? What is the International Prototype Story Construction?) makes you look the opposite.
  3. Where's that bit about Skaen godlikes from? I need to know for lore. Also, someone has to ask: How do Wael godlikes look?
  4. Maybe the problem is not with people you talk to, but with your ability to phrase your thoughts? Yes, it's a fact. So? Why should you be forced to deal with the factions? Why do you keep portraying that as a bad thing? Hell, the game even acknowledges not dealing with the factions as a legitimate choice - one that plunges the Deadfire into a chaotic four-way war every single faction so feared. No, I wrote that your use of "most players" as an argumentum ad populum to prop up your point is a crutch. Either your point stands on its own or you are admitting you are aware it's flimsy and need to say "many people think so" to help it stand." As such, your next paragraph is snipped. Now you're moving the goal posts. Your initial post claimed that not having a villain is bad. When I ask why a story not having a villain is bad, you claim that you said "not having an antagonist is bad." Which is bizarre. Eothas is the antagonist. Just because he doesn't interfere with your progress doesn't mean he isn't the antagonist of the story. There's also plenty of antagonists in the shape of faction leaders and the faction themselves, which represent the primary conflict driving Deadfire's story. Dude, do me the courtesy of actually reading my posts and being consistent. Why should ever story recycle the same old tropes, I'm curious? I don't think it sucks just because Eothas isn't a fire-breathing monster that keeps chasing you all over the Deadfire while yelling GIVE ME YOUR SOUL PIGGIE, but that's just me. I like non-standard stories.
  5. Does this fix the date to show 2828, not 2823?
  6. Now that I found the Effigy Doll - or rather, where to find it - I need to ask... Who do you kill in the Wapau Jungle and why would it be one of the sidekicks? https://pillarsofeternity.gamepedia.com/Deadfire_Archipelago_unmarked_locations
  7. Random drop from shipwrecks. The Dragon Pendant is rare, I got it once, forgot to save, then had to reload like five or six times before it dropped again.
  8. But the faction war IS part of the main plot. You can choose to ignore it, yes, but acting like Eothas' actions have no bearing on the actions of the VTC/RDC/Huana/Principi is ignoring the story entirely. I mean, what is it with the insistence that the player be railroaded into dealing with the factions? Sure, you can ignore them and greatly shorten the main story, the same way you can make a beeline for Navarro, then San Francisco, pop some Psycho and wind up at the Enclave. Or go to Necropolis, then Cathedral/Mariposa and end the game. Non-linearity does not make the game bad. There's plenty of criticism to be made, but this is not one of them. You lost me at "most players". It's a crutch, and a flimsy one to boot. Also, the Wheel predates the Engwithans (vide Od Nua and Iovara). Seizing control of a natural process =! being the natural process. Think of it as a hydroelectric dam. So? This is bad?
  9. Learn some context. #35 out of thousands of games (over 15k as of January last year) is a pretty good point two-three weeks after release, as is the fact that it has yet to drop out of the top 100 games played on Steam. We're talking about an isometric cRPG with RTWP combat, a niche game ever since its inception. We're also discussing whether the game is a success not even a month after release. To quote a certain captain, context is for kings. And getting your **** together before you start proclaiming something a failure is too.
  10. I take it you don't have much experience with small, isolated villages, do you? While the Plucked Fruit task is definitely unfinished (you're forced to give the koiki back), you're talking about altering the fundamental elements of the Huana culture in a five second talk. This is why the course Tikawara takes is determined by your actions at Poko Kohara, which affect the economic rationale for settling in the Tehiwai archipelago, and whether or not you give the notes to the priestess.
  11. And I have no problem with that, because you're weaving between the feet of giants. RDC is backed by an empire looking to use the archipelago as its breadbasket, the Vailian Trading Company is the arm of a global mercantile empire, the Huana are ten million people with many united under a single banner of the Kahanga, and the Principi are a vast pirate fleet. You could get away with being a vital non-military asset in New Vegas, since that was a conflict between wasteland factions; the Republic is barely a million and a half (estimate based on the census in Fo2), the Legion has probably similar numbers. Together, they're what? A third? A half of the Huana alone and spread over a good chunk of the North American Southwest? Not to mention, the Mojave is orders of magnitude smaller than the Archipelago. To give the Watcher the same influence as the hazanui, Furrante/Aeldys, Castol, or Aruihi would be jarring. The Watcher isn't backed by any empire, nation, or state, they're an impoverished noble from the Dyrwood notable for his soul voyeurism. They cannot wield influence comparable to the grand players. But as a deniable asset used by the powers to nudge affairs in their favor? That's their role on the chessboard. I have absolutely no problem with that, as the whole "Great Man reverses the flow of history" trope is nonsensical. The best they can do is try and nudge things in the right direction.
  12. Am I really the only person who doesn't have a problem with the story, at all? It's primarily a story of the factions fighting over Deadfire with the equivalent of the industrial revolution raging in the background and a hugeass naked god destabilizing the fragile balance of power that existed in the region. It's not that different from Fallout: New Vegas, hailed as the greatest RPG since sliced bread was invented.
  13. "ur wrong cuz retcon" is not an argument. Especially when you're using it to bash Obsidian. Why doesn't it make any sense? Why wouldn't the gods, who have a vested interest in maintaining the status quo, lie and cheat you? Eothas and the rest of the gods have their own agenda and secrets, secrets that include intimate knowledge of how the system really works. What is more likely: Obsidian retconned PoE1 or the gods simply lied and manipulated you in PoE1 as well as PoE2, much like Thaos and the Leaden Key manipulated the world? See, this is what doesn't make any sense. "Finite source" doesn't make sense no matter how you look at it. How is it a finite source? Is all life drawing on that finite source? Where does it come from? If it's a finite resource, why the hell does Rymrgand exist, whose entire purpose is entropy and soul decay in both games? Operative word: Convince Eothas. It's the difference between disabling a device attached to the process and destroying the process.
  14. 1. Gods are not reliable narrators, as they have an agenda of their own. 2. The Wheel predates the Engwithan gods. It's a natural, amoral, uncontrolled process. 3. The Engwithan Wheel gives the gods control over reincarnation and thus over the long-term fate of the kith. Imagine Woedica using Thaos without that kind of control.
  15. They're predominantly blue, not brown, Skazz. Blue is coastal and pretty much every RDC soldier is coastal. Maia is the notable exception, but everyone at the Brass Citadel is a coastal aumaua, for instance.
  16. Rauatai is coastal, Huana are island. Might be the same mechanism that differentiated wild and hearth orlans.
  17. That's why I put him on ignore. Polish far right is too toxic even as entertainment. Except for a chunk the former Eastern Bloc, it seems. Poland, for example, is aping the United States since Balcerowicz reforms, with predictable results.
  18. Did they? Rauatai was founded two thousand years ago and their flight is part of the core myths of the Huana. I'll have to re-read the sources the way I do stuff for the Fallout wiki.
  19. It happens when you use Nazi rhetoric.
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