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  1. When Tekehu dies Pallegina will say something like: "Tekehu died! Well...I won't pretend to care". Really? I too despise the glitter fish but there's no need to be such a ***** To me all the companions are a huge let down. I thought with the smaller roster we'd get much more quality interactions, but that is not the case, dragon age:origins companions seem to have much more depth than what we have in deadfire.
  2. I am fairly certain Iovara at the end of PoE1 mentions something along the lines of: "the Enqwithans found no Gods, or if they had been there they were gone... there was only the uncaring turning of the Wheel". My understanding from the first game was that the Wheel preceded the Engwithans and that it was more of a metaphysical phenomenon. Jumping to the hasty ending of Deadfire I'm extremely confused on the matter: is the Wheel just and elaborate animancer machine? Was it built together by the Engwithans and Huana? What happened to the souls before it was constructed, the gods mention all life would die without it. What do the loremasters of Eora think?
  3. Can anyone add a respectable 1.5-2 inches long beard to this fine lad? Maybe even the typical greyish-white skin for pale elves.
  4. That's simply amazing! It always bothered me there were now bearded pale portraits
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