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  1. Good streaming fodder, then. I've watched King Arthur: Legend of the Sword and it was entertaining (I like Guy Ritchie's work in general), but I agree it was nothing special. Wish it was something like Interstella 5555, except set to a power metal soundtrack (think Symphonies-era Rhapsody of Fire or classic Manowar).
  2. I'm not sure you need to invent dirt on a guy who's on record gloating how he can grab women "by the ****" and get away with it thanks to his celebrity status, but that's just me. But hey, I agree, integrity and credibility are a thing of the past, particularly for the current US administration, what with clearing asbestos for construction use again. I was actually surprised that the US doesn't have a wholesale ban on a known carcinogen, but I guess the courts know better: http://www.asbestosnation.org/facts/why-isnt-asbestos-banned-in-the-united-states/ https://www.nytimes.com/2018/08/10/climate/epa-asbestos-rule.html But seriously:
  3. The opinion of a single nationalist is hardly reflective of a nation's entire foreign policy, is it? Nobody changes anything out of the pure goodness of their heart. Everyone has an agenda. Another thing to consider is that every culture changes and intermixing is a natural process. I'm not sure where the idea that cultures should remain distinct and immutable comes from, but there's nothing unusual in the Huana or Rauataian culture changing as a result of what happens to them in the Deadfire. Conservative, reactionary elements in Huana society might vie for a preservation of the old ways, but the entire point is that they are not sustainable - Neketaka is at odds with these traditional ways, as is Onekaza's policy, while the recapture of Ukaizo will transform Huana and their culture even further. Rauatai will also be changed by the recapture of Ukaizo and the subsequent cessation of storms across their mainland. It's also why I consider the unification of Deadfire under Rauatai's banner to be one of the more interesting endings, as not only brings it change for Rauatai and the Huana, but it also unites two divergent bloodlines that separated in the wake of Ondra's cataclysm two thousand years ago. That will mean change. And change is good.
  4. It's not a leak. It's a guy on Reddit claiming to have insider knowledge. Which, as we all know, has never happened before.
  5. Plus, Rymrgand has a bloated ego that dwarfs Eora in size. Ydwin is one of his designated followers and she abandoned the Beast, which means he's quite hurt and can't get over it. Makes sense for that to be the only option. Seriously, **** Rymrgand.
  6. I think you mean integration, not assimilation. Rauatai doesn't appear to be engaged in any sort of Kulturkampf, it simply imposes its rule and laws, and moves on. The undersecretary at Sayuka is an overzealous minor functionary who tries to pull it off, only to be mocked by the Huana greeter at every turn (if it was actual Kulturkampf, the mocking would be followed by repercussions). Besides, the Huana shedding the caste divisions is nothing but good. I'd like to remind everyone that the Huana are strictly divided at birth into castes where the least are literally given trash to eat and meant to starve in times of lean. Notably, the Mataru - the top dogs - are pissed off at the longhouse. The Kuaru and the Roparu are much less annoyed by it. Hell, the weaver and the laborer who get a chance to teach each other skills thanks to the proximity introduced by the longhouse are quite happy (and both mock the stomping, shouting Mataru who bemoans the change... While having the single most luxurious place in the building).
  7. All pointing to a Reddit thread. Welcome to post-truth.
  8. So essentially a kind of a sadist, deriving satisfaction from making people suffer, with monetary gain a distant concern? Well... Xoti could be useful for such a character, especially if you push her in the maniacal serial killer direction (as my Rational, Stoic Watcher accidentally did). Eder is probably not going to fit your bill, though his deadpan snark might be useful throughout the game. Aloth will take offense to this, especially as anti-Leaden Key. Pallegina is right out, unless you want to slap bastards and get rich through the VTC and supporting Lueva Alvari (who is about the cruelest possible option for the Deadfire). Bonus points if you use the story generator to make her betray the Republics and get banished permanently, then shrug when she complains, leading to an epic meltdown and probably a massive boner for any sadist. Tekehu is generally nice, so he might be out as well, unless you enjoy playing with people and making him kill fellow Huana (haven't tried that yet). Maia is pretty ruthless, but generally good-natured, so she'll likely take offense to needless slaughter and cruelty. Serafen will not put up with needless cruelty, and siding with slavers is absolutely off-limits for him. Sidekicks generally don't care. I think it's a matter of whether you prefer to have a mirror for your character's cruelty to reflect in. Outrage at atrocities can be quite useful for reinforcing your roleplaying concept. (I miss Tyranny, where Fear actually gave you proper perks with your followers)
  9. Konstantin isn't a hooker, he's a masseuse. OP, define evil. Is it "eats babies and kicks puppies for fun" kind of evil? Or "manipulates people for their own gain and profit, caring nothing for the destruction in their wake" kind of evil? And what's the desired endgame?
  10. From what I've gathered from the files, Beast of Winter was originally the second DLC, with Triple-S being the first. Might have switched them around partly for this reason. (in case you wonder, all BoW content is marked LAX02, while arena island is marked LAX01)
  11. I spent an hour taking notes from the interview. It's kind of raw, but it's a bit too much to process. Love it, very informative.
  12. Tekehu's companion quest ends at Ukaizo, so pretty much yeah. I always got the impression that Thaos knew about the Godhammer (he seems to know about everything, including the consistency of Wolf-Grin's stool last weekend) and that it simply provided a convenient cover for his Woedica plan.
  13. I always liked the idea of visiting Old Vailia, though with Beast of Winter, there's hints that it might take place in the White that Wends (on top of the general affinity for winters; maybe Obsidian patrolled the Mojave too much). After all, the White March was setting up Deadfire in advance.
  14. I love the variety. Even if it's encountered frequently, it helps drive home the distinct cultures present in the Deadfire and give them their unique flavor. Vailians take the cake, though, especially this little gem: Vu maddicche postenago! Buffan vi! Cues es malgro me fulpa med tuor! Peri chue na cracuna ve engeri! Vu tros men merla!
  15. Uh, it's a company that built its reputation on single-player games for over two decades. They specifically said F76 is a spin-off and their main games will be single player. I don't see any reason, at all, not to take Bethesda on their word.
  16. You're correct, you reminded me of what the guardian says and the mention of the Engwithans fashioning bodies for themselves.
  17. Actually, I'm not sure they are the bodies of the gods, at least not the current gods. I recall that the gods' identities did not coalesce until later centuries, as they adopted the personas from myths and legends, translating the Engwithan ideals into actual personalities.
  18. Does one preclude the other? The Watcher is a mighty asset for any faction and Atsura has a vested interest in keeping them on the RDC's side. Being amiable and dealing with the Watcher as kindred minds is something that's natural. For the record, I never found Atsura to be particularly slimy. He's a strategist and a diplomat with an immense talent for dealing with people. It feels strange only because we can play a variety of characters and witness the different responses. Plus, consider the option that he's simply doing to you what you are doing to other NPCs: Choosing the option that has the highest chance of achieving the desired outcome. I like the notion that a few of the characters you meet might very well have been protagonists in their own games (hypothetical). Eg. Ulysses in FNV, Atsura in PoE2, the throng of adventurers in PoE1... Makes the world feel more alive than just having you be the mover and shaker.
  19. My biggest pet peeve is the lack of scale and whether the map is an accurate representation or a modified one to accommodate games of hazatoha.
  20. I finally added my little pet project, as with PoE1 and the White March: https://pillarsofeternity.gamepedia.com/Pillars_of_Eternity_II:_Deadfire_interactive_world_map Next, get the latest DLC on the wiki!
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