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  1. So predating the Engwithans we have Eora, adra (right?) and a natural soul cycle. Souls are energy that when embodied can have thoughts/experiences/personalities etc and these can either strengthen the soul or degrade it. In this sense it's a nice, healthy self-contained system into recycling. An implication here is that it really is self-contained, the energy/souls on Eora is what it's got, there isn't someone or something frequently creating it out of nothing and injecting it into the system. The Engwithans got a solid handle on how stuff works and got really bummed about there not being a g
  2. Waaait, when was I supposed to get the Godseed quest? I gave Llen her manuscript and then I helped Tayn with dispersing Wael's secrets. What's the trigger conditions and how juicy is the lore?
  3. So in my perfectest of perfect endings I would help the VTC under Castol, have killed one of the major pirate leaders and face the remaining one at Ukaizo (preferably Aeldys though it's not THAT important), Pim would take over and Onekaza would remain as a figurehead. This is the goal with the current save as I couldn't get it on my old one. I tested the factions I'd be facing on the older save (with everyone but the Huana since it was too late to help them): - when I helped the VTC I faced the Huana - when I helped the pirates I faced the VTC - when I helped the DTC I faced the pira
  4. Boo! Hiss! I actually don't have strong feelings on this. Romances in PoE2 felt weird (lacklustre in some cases, fanservicy and OTT in others) and if that's the result of the devs not really wanting to do it it's better to leave it out.
  5. I wanna play a orlan psion/bloodmage, I realize this isn't a particularly synergistic or powerbuidly idea but I'd still like to hear some tips wrt loadout or spell and ability selection if anyone's got some. I haven't played the game since before the first DLC came out so any handy new items would be appreciated. Also stat distribution, how much con would you suggest for a bloodmage? Pros: - never not gonna have something to cast - won't feel compelled to take vaprous wizardry which means I won't have to take the Casque which means I won't have to walk around with an injury ALTHOUGH t
  6. I saw someone on Reddit pairing it up with Lifegiver and he said he liked it. But yeah, since it stops regenerating focus when it's damaged I also thought the intuitive pairing would be a backline spellcaster. I'm just having trouble picking one. And then a lesser one considering whether or not I wouldn't be better off just taking a pure class instead of mixing it with psion.
  7. So is the Psion worth anything? I really like the idea of a pure psychic but the slow focus regeneration and the loss of soul whip is making me leery.
  8. I like killing him because I love that this isn't your mamma's redemption arc, yay forgiveness is good etc meta-narrative. The DoC is the kind of person who, partly because of who she is and partly because of what she had been made into, retreads the same ground, development as a mobius strip. Her brand of personhood and how it expresses itself is incompatible with basically any society anywhere so she's always out of whack and needing to reconcile herself with the monstrosity people (rightly, with the penchant for murder and all) tell her she is. That will never change and I like that it's no
  9. Elf lifespans in PoE is only like 310 right? I mean, don't get me wrong that is absolutely a lot comparatively speaking, but it's not insane. The thing that always bothered me with the insanely long ones (1000 to 2000) is that they pretend it doesn't matter. Either these people are kinda dense if you're going on 800 and their skill/knowledge is comparable to a 45 year old person, or there's a hard cap on skill/knowledge their lifespan waaay overshadows (in which case why not branch out to new stuff?) or the creators really didn't put too much thought into what such a staggering amount of time
  10. Probably cuz I'm thinking through it as I'm talking to people. ~shrug~ So where I am now is somewhere around Minsc is a) a one-dimensional character but b) if that was all the writer really needed him to be then he can still be considered a successful character. I can also say that c) successfully crafting a one dimensional character like Minsc probably requires less skill/talent/focus/experience/intent than a lot of Bioware's more recent offerings. This makes me think that d) when people say Minsc is a better character than Sera they're prooobably comparing raw end states, Minsc is prett
  11. I like this as a metric more than I like memorability. Characters crafted with the purpose of evoking specific responses from people who interact with them. Maybe have to guess the author's mind a bit but not much cuz if the character is that obtuse it probably isn't very good, has room for subjective interpretation since the author can know that not everyone will respond the same way to a character and work with that knowledge and you can still evaluate a bit ie a good Minsc is probably easier to do than a good Solas. No lol. There's a reason he didn't show up on my list. Both Fenr
  12. Yeah but so? You can trace archetypes all the way back to our collective Jungian shadowplay, that doesn't mean every iteration is qualitatively equal. I feel like two entirely different forms of evaluation are called for when you ask "Did this character form a mould other characters would go on to be cast in?" vs "Is this character well written in comparison to more contemporary examples?" If you were to criticise Gandalf wrt Potter and the response to that critique is "Yeah well Harry wouldn't even exist without Gandalf" it's just sidestepping the conversation, regardless of whether or not it
  13. Vivienne doesn't get the credit she deserves and Tali has a solid, coherent arc that spans three games and is less fawny than Liara. Aveline is a character type I almost always dislike but they make her jive in DA2. Out of curiosity, what is it exactly about the three you mentioned that make them so exceptional?
  14. - Oghren - Leliana (factoring her appearance in the subsequent games) - Morrigan (same as Leliana) - Alistair, kinda but only if you make him king. - Isabella, especially with Aveline - Aveline, especially with Isabella - Anders - Solas - Iron Bull - Vivienne - Sera - Mordin - Morinth (soft spot for her) - Tali
  15. Companions aren't up to snuff when contrasted to whom, specifically? I'm honestly curious. Bioware's more recent offerings.
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