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  1. I don't recall that location. Pallegina's companion quest, for instance, Beast of Winter and deciding what to do with the people you encounter, generally every decision point. I'm not exactly sure we're talking about the same thing, though. I've never been big on "find item X" or "complete a basic puzzle" elements, which feel like gimmicks (if you played KOTOR, remember the idiotic tower puzzle?), what I love are problems in the story and the themes, so I have a different perspective. Coming up with a solution that doesn't wreck Deadfire and is optimal - in the context of my characters - now that is a challenge, truly.
  2. The lore books are written from an in-universe perspective and that of an outsider to boot. Beast of Winter gives us a chance to converse with the parties involved first hand and get a look at how it actually happened thanks to the Watcher gifts. It's not necessarily contradicting, you just have to realize that the stories told about events and the events themselves are not necessarily the same. I mean, in a broader sense, the Pillars story is about identities and the factors that shape them. Engwithans imposed a new order, a new identity through their religion. This order lasted for a time, upheld by the Leaden Key and the structures of power that dominated them, but as humanity develops and wants to forge a new one, the gods struggle to reconcile humanity slowly learning to exist without them and their own centuries-old identity as divine beings essential to the world. So Eothas wants to force the gods and mortals to reconsider and reevaluate their role in the grand scheme of things. He wants to give them the tools to build a new identity, but realizes that he is still clinging to the old notions of godhood and relationship with humanity, so he allows himself to be (apparently) killed, creating a new myth. I'm kind of rambling here, I need to refine this thought.
  3. I'm not sure what the problem is. There's always a balance to strike between telling people what to do and letting them discover. Lean too far in one direction and you're hand-holding. Lean too far in the other and you're obfuscating for the sake of obfuscation, which is not challenge, but just artificially inflating difficulty. I never felt Deadfire held my hand. It did guide me, which I like, because spending two hours looking for the specific NPC I need to converse with to advance the quest is just bad design. Aloth piping up about oil is just your party members interacting with you. I don't know about you, but I prefer my companions to offer opinions and solutions, rather than being mindless automata who add nothing to the game beyond useless quips. In the first instance, if we're referring to the sandswept ruins, there is the execution room there, but there's also the awesome scripted interaction with the tomb and sand burial. That was neat and wasn't handholding - and neither was the long, long corridor of traps with varied skill requirements.
  4. Speaking as a former NMA admin, that is true. Hate is a strong mortar and it's held a part of the community over at NMA and the Codex together for the past years (though it consistently fails to attract new people and pretty much everyone I talk to since leaving considers NMA a friggin' joke). That list of MS-acquired studios gives me hope, especially the studios that returned to an independent status. To be honest, the more I think of it, the less concerned I am. I don't believe that there will be homogenization - why acquire a studio, only to destroy what made it unique? - and this will give Obsidian unprecedented financial stability. Of course, at this point in my life, I'm not solely focused on my enjoyment, but the Obsidian workers as well. If this gives them peace of mind, cash, and stability, go for it.
  5. I'm torn between my love of Obsidian and disdain for what Microsoft has been doing with Windows 10 and especially Windows Store. But if that means good things for Obsidian and its crew... I just hope this doesn't backfire on them.
  6. Godlikes are not considered either a woman or a man because of their inability to procreate; this is not tied to culture, but to law. It's why Pallegina can be a part of the Frermas des Canc Suolias: Legally, she's not a woman. Which raises an interesting question: Is their charter worded so that only men are allowed to join or that no women may join?
  7. Went through BoW and the bulk of the content is up. My fingers hurt. Time to figure out the endings, I guess.
  8. Since there's a bit of uncertainty as to which ending requires what, I'd like to enlist your help in reading the configuration files: Pillars of Eternity II\PillarsOfEternityII_Data\lax2_exported\design\conversations\lax02_01_iceberg_dungeon\lax02_endgameslides.conversationbundle Pillars of Eternity II\PillarsOfEternityII_Data\lax2_exported\localized\en\text\conversations\lax02_01_iceberg_dungeon\lax02_endgameslides.stringtable The first is the script file, the latter the localization file. The node ID on the latter corresponds to NodeID on the former. Now, what I'm curious about is the precise relationship of the variables for Vatnir. It seems that the flag "recruited" for the best Vatnir ending (turning Watch into something good) is required to be 0, but I'm not certain if it's "recruited" as in never took him in or "recruited" as in, did/did not let him stay. Any ideas?
  9. Which tells you all about him. I'll guess: Hang on the oil-infused teat, screw the environment, pocket money from corporations who would benefit from a libertarian policy? Trump is more of an unprincipled moron from where I'm sitting, doing whatever he thinks will earn him acclaim and popularity, without bruising his own ego.
  10. Fixed that for you. Aren't you happy? But hey, Trump is the libertarian candidate. Tax cuts that benefit the wealthy, rolling back welfare and environmental protection systems, removing all those pesky things that force people to be a little nicer to each other... Truly, a libertarian paradise it shall be (sans coastal states once the lack of regulation results in even faster climate changes, but who cares about death as long as you have ~*LiBeRtY*~).
  11. It's also perfectly safe for patients. You can't die due to errors in medical care if you can't afford medical care in the first place. It's good to see that myths are still alive in this day and age.
  12. I went with "The Godless Scoundrel" for the junk. Anyone who takes offense to that name is welcome to a broadside of ten bronzers.
  13. I really hope I'm misunderstanding what you mean by your post, but are you seriously arguing that rape apologists should be given a voice?
  14. Enough to affect my sleeping patterns. That's disadvantaging victims even more than they already are, mate. 213374U is spot-on. Of course, I'm not saying the system is actually fair. Reporting instances of sexual abuse is plagued with people assuming you are full of ****, that you actually enjoyed it, that you couldn't be raped (because you're male), and so on and so forth. Not really, no. If you cared about facts and evidence, you'd keep in mind the fact that the current culture is heavily prejudiced against rape victims, making it difficult to even report it, and false rape accusations are rare as a result. But I guess that doesn't stop you from indulging in a little bit of ultrafalseequivalence. Vollie, take your pills. Remember that this delusional idiocy is the domain of the right-wing. Do I really need to remind you of the many, many instances where eg. Republicans demonstrated absolute contempt for women by arguing they eg. can't get pregnant from rape?
  15. Pretty much. I think someone confused the pieces from PoE1 with pieces from PoE2.
  16. Are they that obvious? Cattle have horns and yet calves are born with no problems. Pallegina mentions in Pillars II that the transformation is gradual, at least for her. Until she hit puberty, the signs were relatively mild.
  17. FYI, I graduated law. The point of presumption of innocence is that you do not treat the person as guilty until a sentence is passed by a competent court. The point isn't "treat accusers as spreading lies and slander until they prove their case" or "ignore the fact that rape is considered shameful to the victim in popular culture, leading you to magnify the suffering of the victim by disbelieving them". Seriously, it's bad enough to be a victim of sexual assault as is without people doubting whether you can be raped at all based on your work, doing it just to get cash, or otherwise implying you're a whore with no morals because you were sexually assaulted. Yeah, you're not worth the time to respond.
  18. OK, so you're piling conspiracy theories on top of presenting women who don't like Trump as... You know, I have no idea what you're talking about. The only thing I can clearly identify is that you seem to espouse a system where someone's moral standing is determined on a simple linear scale. As such, it's perfectly fine for Trump to brag about sexual assault because he has a couple women on staff... I guess? For reference: https://www.theatlantic.com/politics/archive/2018/03/the-very-male-trump-administration/556568/ It seems most people got the point and you didn't. As for the idea that you shouldn't believe accusers... Yeah, in a culture that stigmatizes rape victims, we should stigmatize them more by assuming they're full of crap until proven otherwise.
  19. So, I took a look in the collector's book: As for assigning godlikes to gods, this isn't outright stated, but implied through Pallegina and her interactions with Hylea, the death godlikes and their relation to Berath worshippers at the Sacred Stair and, I believe, in one of the pre-release journals. Moon godlikes are associated with Ondra due to her relation to the moons, while Nature is tied to Galawain as that's pretty much the only god whose gifts are related to it (and takes on the appearance of an overgrown redneck from backwoods Readceras).
  20. I'm actually aware of what asbestos is and how dangerous it can be. As an aside, Eternit is a genericized trademark here in Poland that refers to any kind of material made by mixing cement and asbestos... Which is why it's not uncommon for us Poles to mangle "Pillars of Eternity" into "Filary Eternitu" (Eternit Pillars). I'm not sure it's ever-paranoid lefties who consider bragging about sexual assault to be disrespectful towards women (well, the act of grabbing their crotch is bad enough, bragging about it is just the icing on the cake). What? If anything, admitting to several hundred counts of rape in public would destroy that person. I'm seriously perplexed by your claim that it's the "hard left" who tries to dilute the definitionof rape, when it's a pretty specific American right-wing talking point. ...did you just seriously go down the victim blaming route.
  21. That would make a lot of sense. I also thought of metallic outgrowths originating in bones that harmlessly pierce the skin and grow out to form exotic patterns. Basically a low fantasy version of Wolverine.
  22. Last I remember, inevitable weathering due to age and environmental factors counted as damage, especially where asbestos is concerned, but I guess I'm just a dumb, Trump-hating leftist.
  23. Skaen godlikes are indeed stated to be killed at birth or suffer a miserable existence for what remains of their short lives. Eothasian godlikes would probably be afflicted with a glowing physiology (think this trope), with something like ethereal, glowing, wisp-like hair. I think descriptions of St. Waidwen could be used to create one. Unless, like with Ondra, the godlikes are based on aspects of Eothas. Reaper godlike, anyone? Woedica? Perhaps old and emaciated, like the Strangler, her aspect. Of course, the problem with her, as with Wael and Abydon, is that they are based not on elements of nature, but certain ideals and philosophies. It's easy to imagine godlikes of gods associated with elements, but here? How do you make an Industrial godlike or a Mysterious one?
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