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  1. This is just my opinion, and I'm not saying the ending is flawless, but I guess said flaws bother me very little. And the more I think about it, the more I like it, and I'm thinking its actually one of the best endings to any RPG I've ever played in a long time (for me personally). Keep in mind that I'm looking at the ending in broad strokes, and I can't help but love it. I love the feelings of powerlessness and inevitability that I felt when finally confronting Eothas (both the first time in the Ashen Maw and again at the end). I love that you can't stop him. You can't dissuade him.
  2. I completely agree. Mod friendly games are the best games. For difficulty balancing and so, so much more.
  3. Well, the problem with only scaling up encounter difficulty is that it does nothing to address balance between classes. The way I see it, the game currently exists in a state where some classes are are clearly better than others, but it doesn't ultimately matter what you pick because the game is so overwhelmingly easy. This is bad because difficulty never feels earned. However, if difficulty is scaled up to be challenging even for the stronger classes, but the power disparity between classes is left unaddressed, then you simply make the weaker classes unplayable. I think this is ev
  4. Just finished the game prior to patch 1.1 and I really enjoyed having been able to experience a nearly 100 % RAW presentation post release. I didn't get to do this for the first pillars (despite having bought that game on day one release as well because honestly, the first pillars just didn't suck me in at all like deadfire did.) I enjoyed this game so darn much, I found it easy to finish an early playthrough. Many months from now, when all of the DLC has been released and all of the balancing has been done, I'll replay the game one more time (different port decisions, different PC an
  5. I could go on and on, but my personal top 2 that particularly stand out are: 1) Encounter design. Not only are the maps no longer overstuffed with trash mobs (like in PoE I), but the new noise system naturally (and organically) draws nearby enemies into the fight. This turns what used to perhaps be 3-4 individual encounters separated by start-stop-start-stop-etc combat in PoE I, into a more natural, singular and epic conflict...followed by a longer and more meaningful period of downtime. This also makes it harder to spam spells/resources since the fights are bit more drawn out. 2) I
  6. I also just wanted to add that when it comes to exactly what should/shouldn't be nerfed, what should/shouldn't be buffed, etc (ie, all of the balancing details), I give a friendly shout out to both the devs and the players who criticizes. Mechanics wizards far smarter than me know how to create/fine tune such a system that is both complex and balanced. My only two cents is to reiterate that dual wielding (especially given full attack powers) seems to be a clear winner when it comes to DPS. Personally I would think it would be neat for dual wielding to do more raw DPS but with lower pene
  7. I would love for patch 1.1 (or another future patch) to include a more robust respeccing system. This would address the problem of having a 40+ hour playthrough "ruined" midway by a balancing patch (I say "ruined" because I understand some people are more/less bothered by this than others. For me personally, it is extremely irksome. However, I may very well be in the minority). Not to single Pillars out, as this problem concerns seemingly most semi-modern single player RPGs that come with robust mechanics and combat systems. Keeping in mind that, in order for said problem to even occu
  8. I actually enjoy the ship-to-ship combat for what it is, though it would be nice if it were deeper and more complex (I also prefer turn based battles for this). But I find the system to be good enough to be functional, as I actually never board enemy ships (even if its faster/more efficient). I figure that I still end up spending about 95 % (estimate?) of the game's combat in traditional RTwP. I like changing up the pace when I can. Also, by forcing the restriction on myself that I can't board a ship, I also forced myself to learn some new mechanics (even if they were simple). I al
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