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  1. WTF? Guy? i don't think I've ever been called THAT before.

  2. sup, new dude.

  3. hello, from: 'the new chick'

  4. leave me messages in my comments. I'm too lazy to read personal messages. :D

  5. you could always put a bag over her head. :b

  6. No worries, I know you'd never be mean to ME. :) would you? :(

  7. Hm? Oh, I'm sorry, I was too busy ignoring you. :b

  8. youch. Don't worry. I still love u. :)

  9. pffttt... what happened to Boba Fett? You DO love DN! I like how he changed his pic right after u did that. :D

  10. Your pee comment cracked me up! :D

  11. who am I? Someone who likes to think she knows EVERYTHING!!!

  12. Yes, walkerguy, let's argue THAT in Brittany's comments. :b

  13. What's up, little man?

  14. You WILL play Mass Effect. cus I told you to! Yes, you will.

  15. babydol

    I wonder who would win in a fight: Atton or Carth. Never mind, Atton would OWN. :b

  16. Hey, girlfriend!!! Add some pics to your profile, for goodness sakes!!!

  17. No Carth boobies 4 U, either!!! :b

  18. bow-chicka-wow-wow

  19. No Carth boobies for YOU!!! :)

  20. Thanks, pooh face :D . I just hope you're not really 8...

  21. Happy birthday!!!

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