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  1. Ha, ha , your new avatar is teh best!!!

  2. I like this one:

    (not my video)
  3. so, does the 117 mean you're a Master Chief fan?

  4. What's up? Welcome to the forums :)

  5. K - I'll try it out, but just cuz you said so! :)

  6. I like your personal photo :) My cat likes to watch my son play his Wii. It's hilarious. She even attacks the TV.

  7. Rodney? Not so much, no. :b

  8. BTW, your personal photo could induce seizures :b

  9. no, you go, John Sheppard (who's pretty hot, BTW)

  10. are you too busy writing? Haven't seen you around any of the forums lately :(

  11. will do.. thanks bunches!!! :)

  12. Girl, are you REALLY 5'8"? WOW! I'm 5'2"! :)

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