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  1. Did you see that I managed to kill the Handmaiden while we were training? You ever done that? (check out my profile if you don't know what I'm talking about).

  2. yes, that's exactly what I do. I want to share certain videos in certain situations with certain people. And Pi wasn't copying you, she meant woohoo like the whistle since I had a pic of Atton and Carth in sexy man-panties on my "about me" last night. Sorry you missed it. :b

  3. I don't know what ur talking about walkerguy, copying you?

  4. That's it, I'm signing off, but I think I'll leave my "about me" as it is for now...

  5. how you like THEM apples? :D

  6. gimme 1 minute.

  7. I think so. maybe it's time for me to try out the "sexy man-panties" mod. :D

  8. what's shaken', Pi?

  9. Hey, girly. Check out my profile's "my content". :b

  10. the video in question is not the storm trooper one. I did not make that. It is one that I've been working on for weeks and just put up on YouTube today. Lemme know what you think if you'd like. (no URL) :D

  11. That's MUCH better, thanks :D

  12. Yeah, I guess. I wish I could say something to make you smile, at leaste. :( maybe this?

  13. If you were dead on the inside, you couldn't feel sad. You'd feel NOTHING, so what kind of life would that be?

  14. that's it, huh? All that work, and "nice song". BAH, I give up. :)

  15. what, so you watch my vid and don't rate it? Wha's up wit dat? And I don't get defensive... Ok, I DO, but I was joking w/ you about the URL thing. dot com, dot org, dot guv, dot edu, dot net. :)

  16. archie and Walkerguy are fighting in everyone's comments. It's a hoot. :)

  17. You don't know what to say about what? Shaak Ti's hotness? :b

  18. you liked that vid, too, huh? Good. glad I'm not the only one...

  19. no sense of humor? at all? I'd be dead w/o mine.

  20. hey, check out what I made. Maybe you like...?

  21. Ok, better! *thumbsup*

  22. why are you doing this to me? Am I not living up to what I'm supposed to be...

  23. hey, Brit, your avatar's no longer working. weird.

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