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  1. EPIC FAIL?!?! You think the story in K2 was bad, but "oh, we mind whiped you and now you're gonna save everyone!!!" was thoughtful and deep? Wow, you've got screwy taste. :p

  2. OMG. Is the fact that K1 was "finished" your ONLY reason for thinking that it's even on the same level as K2?

  3. Are you kidding me? Have you even PLAYED both games?

  4. Erm, yes. K2 does indeed kick K1's ass.

  5. *waves*. Hi! :D

  6. Looks like you're gonna be sticking around (lots of noobs come and go around here), so I figured it was about time that I added ya! ;)

  7. It's not just 1 line, Mr. Obsessed. It's actually having the ability to see that Bastila loves Revan so much that she's hanging about waiting for him. But I could care less if you prefer Cede's ishy voice actor over Carth. :p If he really scares you THAT much...

  8. Hey! I found your wrist console! Link to it from that thread you made. ;)

  9. Naw. I'm a big nobody. You know that. :p

  10. hey, stranger! Where U been?

  11. I KNOW, I'm a nerd. xD

  12. Yay! You cookin' up a Bao-Dur vid (this is tehPrincessJ, BTW)? I'll keep my eye out! :D

  13. about my pic, I don't know, Pi. i just found it kicken' around the internet late one night. Sorry. :(

  14. Yay!!! Poohface! :D

  15. Actually, Archie, I had NO idea what you even meant by "I would have made out with my brother if I didn't know he was Leah", so I just kinda left that comment alone. xD And nobody around here can spell for sh*t anyway. :p

  16. You know, if you HATE Carth and Kaidan so much, you can always just NOT talk to them.

  17. @ I want teh kotor 3 : Oh NO YOU DIDN'T just bring your Carth ish talk into MY Profile page! :verymad:. And Kaidan RULES. Can't you just get over your Sbarge hate, already? At least, with me. I think he kicks *ss. And you know I do. You're just trying to get my dander up.

  18. Also, fighting spirit... I could go on & on.

  19. @ Archie :D :lol:

    And AGAIN @ Poohface: how could you possibly pick Carth over Atton? I'm a big Carth fan, too, but who's the bad*ss x-Sith Force sensitive, and who's just a by-the-book Republic Soldier? ATTON FTW!!!

  20. @ poohface: did you NOT notice how bad*ss Vader looks? You guys have no taste.

  21. @ UnknownRegions: I do believe that Han is rockin' a 6-string bass. I could be wrong. Most bands don't need 3 guitars, tho. :p

  22. thanks. :p Check out what I found NOW. xD

  23. Sup, girlfriend!!! Yay! Mods and such! :p

  24. Wow! Last time I compliment ANYBODY around here, you jerks. :p Pffftttttt.... Yep, that's a raspberry.

  25. And be my friend. :p

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