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  1. I call you pooh face cuz yur special. :p

  2. Nice to have you back, pooh face. :)

  3. Yep, I totally used to get all happy when I was able to kill all those troopers w/ the turret gun. Then I realized how much XP and loot I was missing out on...

  4. c'mon, Accept, really? I know the 1st things you see when you run a search for Chewbacca on YouTube are "my hoover sounds like Chewbacca" & "Trash Can on Train sounds Like Chewbacca". but that montage I found was ever so much more awesome. Especially w/ Duran Duran. :p

  5. well, look who it is! My favorite Banefanatic!!!!

  6. My computer has problems just cuz it's MINE. I break everything. I never mean to... :(

  7. Hey, girly! Nice seeing you around again! :D

  8. sure, hugs. :) you know, half of Atton's appeal is that he's complex. As far as immaturity goes: it's been my experience that all men like to act like children. Most of the time... And I dig immature, remember. :D

  9. disgusting. There's gotta be someone out there that's ugly/drunk/lonely enough for everyone.

  10. wow, you really don't like me anymore, do u? I was only teasing you about Atton's age. I don't really care HOW old he is, when it all comes down to it...

  11. Best I could find for you:

  12. sad thing is, I totally googled "realdoll" just to see what he was talking about. Luckily, I didn't go past the search page. :p

  13. C'mon. You know you like my sexy man-panties... And a car wash in exchange for Archie-sex might be a good deal for you... :p

  14. love your new siggy xD

  15. s' OK. No hard feelings! ;)

  16. yeah, well I don't expect too much from mods. And it's still hella funny. xD

  17. I see, you, too are an Ewan-Obi-Wan fan. So here's one:

  18. erm... hello from me!!! And other spamage!

  19. See, and since this is all over Tale, I'd expect him to make an effort to protect me.

  20. NO way. I joke around, but I LOVE Pi! :)

  21. So you're putting your money on me for the win? Yay!!! But, wait. I still think I'm gonna lose. :( Pi would REALLY have to make me freak out if I were to even stand a chance. I'm telling you, I'm a wuss.

  22. Yes, err... no. What are we talking about? :b

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