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  1. you realize Pi would kick my ass. I'm a wussy wee-girl

  2. Yes! But, wait... I like BOYS. You're not secretly a boy are you? That would be cool. And you never know over the internet...

  3. Nah, keep your John Shepperd. I myself will (probably) stick with Bastila for quite a while. And I never got to see your Shepperd/Boba Fett Hybrid.

  4. @ Brit: I'm telling you, he's 8. So find another man to flirt w/. Let's u & me go after Accept. We might have to fight off Hannie, tho. :b

  5. so, yeah, I'm still pissed. cuz it's something to do. I guess. :D

  6. So I says, "I'm pissed & I hate u both!!!" @ which point Archie humbly begged 4 forgiveness. U, on the other hand, are too wrapped up in TALE to even give a damn. :b

  7. BTW, "You know, I'm still not sure *why* you're not talking to me.... or at least... I've forgotten.... " NOW, I'm even MADDER @ you!!! I was away from here 4 a few days & when I got back, u & Archie had been talkin smack about me the whole time I was gone.

  8. Not talking to you, damnit! But I'm nobody over there, really, I don't write fan fic, I just read it. I do vids instead, remember? I like to keep track of what my "friends" are writing, though. I'm tehPrincess, and I just registered so I can keep track of you, Brit, and VampOrchid.

  9. YAY!!! New chapter! Wait, I'm not talking to you, am I? NM, then.

  10. I'm telling you guys, all this crap that's going down in the world, God is PISSED! It's like the end of days. So be nice - to me, at least. ;)

  11. hey, girlfriend!

  12. It's Ok- You're forgiven. I'm just messing around when I'm mean to you, anyhow. ;) Just remember, I know stuff about YOU that you wouldn't want anyone here to know, too...

  13. so what I was gonna put here yesterday before all the crap went down - Grab onto something, this is about to get rough real fast... xD

  14. OMG, Walkerguy, if I wanted people to know that, I'd have it as my profile's location. Anyhow, as I live in the mountains, I expect myself to be safe from most natural disasters. 3 tornados touched down here yesterday, and it was scary, but I'm OK - just suffered thru a black-out until about midnight.

  15. OMG, tornado sirens are going off! I'll write what I was gonna say here later.

  16. so I guess I'll finish, although I don't see the point now.When I left the ship and came back she was alive again, I just had to start the training session over.

  17. I finished it, it just got cutt off. Nosy. :b

  18. When's the wedding? I wanna know so I can throw rocks, I mean RICE at the bride.

  19. You boys and your :shifty: fights crack me up. :D Blah, Blah, Blah :shifty: . Oh, yeah? :shifty: Yeah :shifty: xD

  20. Uh-oh. You're humping storm trooper is broken. :o

  21. Blasphemy!!! I used to like Linkin Park (when they were brand new). But damnit, they should stick to their own stuff. BTW, nobody likes my vid. There aren't enough of us that like KotOR AND NIN, I guess. :(

  22. It didn't happen because of a mod. The problem was, when I went to attack her, I clicked on her right before it switched to combat mode, so she says something like "we can't talk now, get the enemies!", then when we fought, she just never stopped until she died (at which point I could loot her body if I chose). Just some weird glitch, but when I left the ship and came back she

  23. Damnit, Never mind. I'll put it back up if I see you on one of these days.

  24. No, you missed it. Had both Carth & Atton in sexy man-panties. http://i296.photobucket.com/albums/mm165/babydol66/attonCarthpanties.jpg

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