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  1. Me too. My fave is how they had to make HK gynormously huge! xD

  2. babydol

    And I don't like arguing with people that I believe are smarter than I am. ;)

  3. babydol

    Mmmm... Vodka is YUMMY! It's all I drink. Vodka & schnapps. Vodka & juice. Or Vodka & Vodka.

  4. @ Kyrivian : I just stumble across stuff on the internet, and want to share. :) @ Pi : I'm gonna say Exile. Notice the pony tail? And lipstick. unless we're talking 1 fruity Di. :p @ Accept : No! I want HAPPY videos! For happy thoughts! No sappy love beast vids! ;) I still love the cursing parrot one!

  5. Good call. K2 IS quite better than K1, isn't it? :p

  6. Youch. Misery LOVES company, though! :D

  7. Hey, girly! Be my friend. :p

  8. Hi, girlfriend! ☼

  9. Hey, guys! I've been.. busy, but I'll be around again, now! Anybody else get HORRIBLY sunburned over the weekend? *ouch* :(

  10. The blond girl gives it scale, don't you think, Archie?

  11. BTW, I'm glad you're back! If you were Carth, I'd say: You were BORN outside the loop. But since you're not, I'll admit: you really didn't miss anything. ;)

  12. Pretty! Never take small children there. I swear I was having a panic attack the whole time I was there with mine.

  13. pttttt. This is me blowing my tongue at you!

  14. Nice! I like the name you picked! lol

  15. Hey, pooh face!

  16. where the hell is everybody? Enjoying their summer? How DARE they! It's too quiet around here...

  17. sup, Boba Fett w/ headphones? :D

  18. hey, I subscribed to your YouTube channel. I'm tehPrincessJ over there. ;) You're movie looks like it's gonna be SWEET. :D

  19. Hey, you! Been weird around here w/o you! :D

  20. Hey, everybody! Happy Curse Day! :D

  21. So I added a link to my profile of my best vid. People who like Atton might like it...

  22. Are working on any more KOTOR vids? I'm waiting for them... I've put up a few, and some Mass Effect ones, but Mass Effect looks kinda weird on my laptop. :( Cuz of Vista, I guess.

  23. Yeah, it's one of my faves. I just crack up whenever Vader says, "WHAT?" xD

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