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  1. Yeah, we're all pissed off over here.... especially me...

  2. Alive and Kicking. I've just been a little hopless for KOTOR...know what I mean

  3. :o Ahhh!

    Yep. Hasn't been much to talk about around here lately. I just need to remind myself how excited I am about the Aliens RPG.

  4. Yup, before the game came out. Ppl say she looks like me, so I put that as a profile pic.

  5. before the game came out? COOL!

  6. I just typed in Star Wars the force unleashed in google images...and boom there she was

  7. oh hey! i forgot to ask you about how you found that picture of that girl before Force Unleashed came out.

  8. Interesting discussions going on your comment wall here lol

  9. YAH RIGHT ON!!! Star Wars Rock band lol!!!

  10. thanks. :p Check out what I found NOW. xD

  11. Love love love love loveeee the Carthj/Atton scene you got going here!!! Very cute!

  12. wow I keep on forgetting that smileys don;t work on comments lol

  13. :lol: Sorry, didn't mean to scare anyone... sort of :fdevil:
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