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  1. I believe our beloved Chris said he finally got the chance to not dumb down (can't remember the exact words) a game. A console version of this game is probably not appleaing at all.
  2. So far I'm really impressed with the tracks... The part from 0:27 to 0:50 in prelude is really epic. If you keep this up, this will be one of the better game soundtracks. A big thank you for offering it for download as well (in wave too so people can compress to what format they like)
  3. The big question is why they are spending resources on a Mac version... Windows is obvious because so many people use it. The reason I think Linux will be successful is that they don't have so many big-budget games so they are willing to spend money on what they can get. ...with Windows 8 going down the hill, it's good to have another open-platform to turn to if it goes really bad.
  4. This game (series) is more like Neverwinter Nights right, when it comes to camera, gameplay, etc. rather than KotOR II and Alpha Protocol? If yes, to that question, then I'm a bit skeptical. I find it a bit waste of time to develop... this game. Obsidian's resources are better spent elsewhere, on another game. But - I'll keep an eye out for this one anyway, I might come across something interesting.
  5. But didn't both of those games sell good? As for the AP sales, it's impossible to tell as the game haven't hit the American shelves yet.
  6. Speaking of Brayko's mansion: Turn up the radio...! I think this one should be moved, allowing us to discuss music without being worried about spoiling for others.
  7. I haven't played ME2, so I will say ME2 is ME1 in this case. I can't say it's better in tech department or graphical. The story, the characters, the impact and choices are far superior in AP over ME1. Alpha Protocol may have its bugs and issues, but if/when you get over that it's really a fun game - as you can replay it and not game the same experience. That's quality!
  8. I found Saudi Arabia the most boring part of the game, it's like Telos in KotOR II. But after that it picks up, as you are given more choices and new characters join: your part in the game becomes clear too.
  9. Well, that's good news I guess. But how can they be talking about a sequel before the first one is released - and poor reviewed? Odd.... But they really need to fix the "features". Other than the gameplay's annoyances it was pretty good, the choices were excellent: really interesting!
  10. I say yes, but the issues MUST be adjusted then: if not, then "No Thanks...". I found the story, the choices and the mood interesting though. The game, and its sequel has a lot of potential. But to be honest, I'm afraid we won't see AP2. This game is far too broken.
  11. You're not even supposed to extract music I remember however hearing the very same tune (1 minute maybe?) over and over again at one point. A bit annoying but otherwise, good. Moscow safe house you say? I didn't pay attention to it, or any of the safe houses. . .
  12. * Snipes rifles - very sensitive. * Hacking-mini game, the mouse makes no sense and it takes a long time to move down the word with the keyboard - sometimes the time runs out. * And the security locks, with 10 locks (!) and 30 seconds to fix them all. Impossible! * Various glitches. * The camera. When I look left/right the camera turns my character around often. * Boss fixes: some just "get stuck" and you can take them down easily, mostly ending bosses. * Graphics...?
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