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  1. I don't think you can blame your laptop on Obsidian! Regarding the other stuff, as others have said, get some flashbangs or level a particular weapon skill and take advantage of it. With a decent chain shot and brilliance, both the Sis and embassy fights border on being too easy.
  2. I'm not 100% on this, as I haven't done it yet, but I think you need the Dossier entry from the secret tunnel in the garden of his Villa in Rome. That talks about him running from a fight under certain circumstances, so I am guessing that means you can taunt him later at the museum into not running.
  3. I don't think it's a bug at all. The game asks you to either save Mina or leave her to help Scarlet go after the bad guys. If you choose Mina, you get Mina. Simple
  4. There are some of us for whom this game ticked every box in terms of what we enjoy playing. For us, it is a masterpiece. I guess we are the lucky ones. Entertainment is subjective and happily for us a company developed a game that gives us everything we want!
  5. There's no comparison, really. ME2 is not even a RPG. /can of worms Story driven, cover based combat, cinematic approach, character levelling with activated combat skills, game changing choices. I don't want to get into whether it is an RPG or not, as I did not make that point. I compare the two based on the above and, with the exception of the fact that ME2 was squad based and lacked true stealth, I feel that the comparison is a fairly direct one. ME2 was universally loved by critics it seems, unlike AP. I enjoyed AP so much, however, that I registered on this site at 4am-ish (end of first play through) to post. To answer an earlier poster, I don't use the word masterpiece lightly. I have never written it on an internet forum before, in fact! This is totally subjective, of course: That is just how much I enjoyed the game.
  6. I realise that there are plenty of threads for discussion of people's views on the game, but I have never been moved to start a thread on a forum to praise a game before. Feel free to lock/delete/pour scorn as needed. The writing, the spiderweb of a story, the acting, the choices - it is seminal work. For the first couple of hours I felt that the combat was the weak link, but once I levelled up the mechanics started to come into play and it became clear how well realised they are. This game is superior, in every department that matters, to ME2. Obsidian: Take a bow.
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