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  1. We need a sequel indeed. I remain hopeful that we will get one due to comments Sega has made and also how they have approached similar situations with other franchises. We will see.
  2. Now that you mention it, maybe this was the original Brayko song Alvin hinted at? It was originally intended to be "The Final Countdown" by Europe, but that song truly belongs to Arrested Development. Directly from MCA's twitter. I rarely use this, but, in this case it has to be: Epic. Lol.
  3. I've had the game lock up twice when opening the TV in a safe house (once in Saudi, once in Rome). PS3 version. Subtitles also get out of sync with what's coming from the TV, so these two might be related. Ah yes. I have had the TV subtitles bug two times so far, at different hubs, same newsreport though. It is the one about the embassy. Also, the game has freezed two times on me as well and I got the ps3 version too. I have had my ps3 freeze on me before though, so I didnt lay much blame on the actual game... You know, it seems that most of the patch requests here are either requests for changing the way the game plays, i.e too hard or whatever and technical stuff regarding the PC version. The actual game on the console versions dont have ACTUAL bugs. Well, not as many as it might look at first glance...
  4. I really dislike that advanced stealth armor. I have held off buying it cuzz it just looks ridiculous. I really wish they had done some cooler looking stealth armor. I mean, that thing looks like hes gonna go and do some bike stunts or something. lol.
  5. You probably can. One thing i just discovered is that you can hold more than one "pack" of the same gadget. So instead of having just 2 EMP grenades, i equipped the EMPs on two slots and now i have four. I dunno if that was obvious for everyone but i just found out and i could've used it before Lmao. No, I didnt know that either and I was just thinking about buying some new armor that could give me more item space for just that, EMP grenades. Nice to know...!
  6. Well, I got the PS3 version and somehow I am thinking that this version aint gonna have any patches...or it will take way too long. Better then nothing though, hopefully they do come out with one. Here are the things I have found annoying and they should be able to fix: 1-Texture pop in. I am trying to get used to this but...bleh. It ruins the mood. 2-Blurr thing. Umm, well, sometimes when Mike runs around he looks weird due to the blur and not in a good way. 3-Slightly sluggish PDA. Well, when I press select and the PDA screen comes up, the three options dont appear right away, its like it freezes for a second and when selecting either of the options, it isnt as fast as I would like it to be. So, yeah, sluggish. I think this one is the most annoying for me since its something you have to use constantly. 4-AI soldiers "zone out". When you are sneaking, a soldier might think he saw you but he is not quite sure. Thats the cautious mode and he goes out to investigate the area. Well, sometimes he just "zones out" and stays there. Like a stone. So, if you are planning to wait for him to go back to patrol or something, you cant and might be cornered. It doesnt happen often, actually I think its only happened to me about 2-3 times so far, but that doesnt make it any less annoying... Thats all I got for now.
  7. So, I was looking for podcasts related to the game and came upon this little thing...
  8. I would love for a sequel to be made. Lets hope it gets through...even if barely. Sega has got to give them another chance...although it would be understandable if they didnt I guess...
  9. I love the game as well, I got the ps3 version. I have been looking forward to it for a long time but recently I was somewhat skeptical about it being any good...all of those negative reviews...I mean, they made it seem like its the worst game ever. I was undecided between this and RDR but in the end bought AP and on the way back home I was kinda thinking...."Hmm...maybe I messed up. I paid full price for this and dont really know if its gonna be good, GOOD?! ****." But when I actually got to play the game...well at first I did notice that its kinda rough around the edges but it gets better the more you play it. The negative stuff was blown out of proportion. It aint a big deal. At least, I havent experienced atrocious bugs and what not. I am playing as a stealthy guy for the most part and playing on hard. Maybe thats kind of closed off some bugs from appearing. Not sure...either way, no problems so far. The graphics, at parts, especially at the very beginning dont look that well...kinda like a very nice looking xbox1 title. But, things improve later on and you get used to the small stuff. I mean, theres some small graphical glitches...but like I said, you get used to it. Characters are well done and the animations are not that bad. Actually, I dont see it as being bad at all. Other then the crouching walking thing, which aint THAT weird as i had read, it all looks smooth to me...also, characters expressions and voice acting mesh together really well. They got subtle stuff down. Its a really nice touch. I love the way characters interact, the dialogue stuff, all of that. I havent even really started the game yet, I just got to the first hub and tested the waters with one of the missions, trying out different outcomes at the intro of it and heh...the very small peak I have seen so far, regarding choices and consequences...looks good. I cant wait to see how the rest of the game plays out. I feel like the money was well spent. Lets see if I continue to feel that way...I think I will...
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