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  1. yay! plz sega.. only because of its little gameplay flaws ,little graphical flaws. and some glitches make this game less interesting than it has to be.. plz make a proper sequel for it and plz improve its gameplay like bioware did to mass effect 2 as compared to mass effect 1
  2. - in windows xp sp3 after starting the game once the second time it does not start so im oplaying it in win.7 - some glitches
  3. c'mon guyz who wants Alpha Protocol 2 . only the glitches and some hacking troubled it otherwise it'would've been a great game I actually now want Alpha Protocol 2... So who's with me
  4. ok now i've played the game...first when i started i thought it would be game with a normal sTOry , horrible gameplay and teriible graphics.. but i was over-surprisingly overwhelmed.. my GOD ! what a GAME ! the graphics aren't that bad, the gameplay is fine especially those martial art kicks their awsome(first i've seen IT in these sort of games) and then after that what a STORY my GOD.. i hAve to say i very UNDERESTIMATED Obsidain with Alpha protocol..but i was TOTALLY WRONG !.. and what a STORY! it may have some of the greatest stories i've ever seen for this kind of game i think even the first splinter cell even did'nt had that kind of story.. and also it has a lot of replay value.while i could not stop prasing this game here's my review very good ones.. Terrific STORY !(9.5/10) Very definitive choice making(RPG Effect)(8.5/10) Alot of replayability.(9/10) fine ones... The graphics !(8/10) The Gameplay (8/10) Fine A.I (7/10) the little troublesome The Hacking..(6/10) the bad ones some glitches(because i think that it needed a bit of polish) little game breaking bugs. Final Result for me = 8.9 % so thats about it !.I have to say it was a very refreshing experience playing a spy RPG game... iam very impressed by Obsidian.. and now im very looking forward to fallout : new vegas.. and oh a praise for the devs' "People don't be discouraged by some reviews like 2/10 or 6(coursesy of destructoid and gamespot respectively) you've mad a great game with a thrilling story and great RPG elements in it! they did not see the truth beyond the little glitches so please don't rule out a sequal for it. and i hear that one of ur devs was very sad about it and saying that it should've been canned im very pleased that this game god released coz it has the soul for a completely new franchise, it just needs some more polishing and improvement in graphics and a little in gameplay thats it otherwise it would've had reviews like 9 or even 9.5. so please do consider a sequel for this great game and try to get some patches out so that it does'nt hurt it's sales.. So looking forward to ALPHA PROTOCOL 2!"
  5. hey guyz, when i first start the game, its running fine(with alot of glitches) but 2nd time when i run the game it gives me an error "you were in the middle of something and the information is lost" or something like that... plz also include this problem in ur patch and plz someone try to address this problem.. plz someone help ! my specs 3500+ amd athlon 64bit processsor 2.5 gb ram windows xp(23-bit) 1gb nvidia 9500gt graphics card
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