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  1. what is this I don't even

  2. Eee! Happy birthday to us! (almost)

    And you're a moderater now. Sweet.

  3. It does. I had no idea that she was supposed to be so young until I hopped on here (and after I'd put my previous post).
  4. Word. I'm trying to play through and earn my No Time For Love' achievement now, and I'm having a hard time with it. To be honest, though, I was pretty disappointed that I couldn't romance Sis.
  5. Just coming by to say I missss you! Maybe I'll add you on xbox. If you get an invite from tehprincessj don't shun me. <3

  6. Are you playing Alpha Protocol? I LOOOVVVEEE it. And I wasn't expecting to, really. I generally avoid RPGs in which I have to RP a man. :/

    Also: you didn't know what a dingo was? LOL! XD

  7. He's from spaaaace.

    And also ME1.

  8. yussss. And somehow, my friends list got deleted. :?

    R U enjoying Mass Effect 2?

  9. Yes. You've got to get high influence with them, say do something nice that you know Bao will like, then remove him from your party when you do evil stuff. If you have high influence, and are dark sided yourself: voil
  10. Yay! A discussion in the KotOR 2 thread that's not a skeeter dump! Ahem, I think part of what makes Nihilus so scary, is the fact that we just don't know who he used to be. And I don't want to know, frankly. Nihilus Scares me. Worse than... than Sion does. On the topic of dreads.... I think it looks silly. I like bald Sith, like Sion and Bane. And I suppose, Malak. Or maybe... a sith-mullet.
  11. You have to be dark sided to do it: it's what sparks the dialog option - his comment on your "rotted" appearence. To answer questions about the file: I posted this thread months ago, to which I was lucky enough to get a response from LadyCrimson about the mod. At the time I was a little too stupid to know that it isn't really right to distribute mods on a larger scale if you don't have permission from the author. Well, I learned quite a bit about modding since then, and I've decided that I don't feel right giving to out to people (especially to people I don't know, when the file doesn't even come with a readme, and thus, I really have no idea who made it). LC gave the mod to me in a PM, and if she wanted to hand it out to everybody, she would have posted it here. I appreciate anyone that comes across this thread because of , but as I've said it that vid's description, "since I don't really know who the author is, I wouldn't feel right about giving this mod out, so PLEASE DON'T ASK ME TO."
  12. Oh, I know, I totally can't wait to play Aliens. This is just... different than the other Obsidian RPGs I've played. Not much customization, it seems.
  13. :/ Wow. Thanks for making fun of me. Glad to see nothing's changed around here.
  14. Sorry if this has already been discussed here, but I'm new to this thread. I saw the stuff on xbox live and I'm sad to see that although we'll be able to fiddle with stats and class at character creation, you're basically 1 set dude. I'm disappointed, really. RPGs are funner for me (and more immersive) if I can be female. It affects lots of stuff, appearence (abviously) but also romance and stuff later in the game.
  15. I just copied and pasted directly from Obsidian's page. I myself prefer xbox or PC.

  16. well, the Obsidian front page just says the Aliens RPG is "Coming soon to the PC, PLAYSTATION 3 and Xbox 360." :) I'm excited!

  17. I hear ya. I'd probably be posting on here more if I was playing KOTOR 2 currently. I get like that every time I play it - I feel like talking about it more, then. But I've been playing all kinds of other things the past few months. Still fun to pop in here from time to time.♥

  18. Oops. Meant 2 instead of @.

  19. You didn't know that? It's one of the main reasons I troll these forums. KOTOR @ is my favorite game evah, but it's YEARS old. Look at the main page of THIS forum, and you'll see: Aliens RPG: Speculation & Discussion. That's right, Obsidian's making it! :D

  20. :o Ahhh!

    Yep. Hasn't been much to talk about around here lately. I just need to remind myself how excited I am about the Aliens RPG.

  21. Apologies. I shouldn't have taken my pissiness out on you. Forgive me, K? :)

  22. How the hell should I know? :p It would all depend on the REAL Archie, for people are never as they appear online.. My point is, the second I found out that he was INDEED the Archie from the Obsidian boards, I'd run away. I don't WANT to know my internet friends IRL. I like to keep my 2 lives separate. :D

  23. Only an idiot would ever date someone they me online. Really.

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