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  1. "Missie"? Why do I get the feeling that it doesn't matter WHAT I say to you, because I'm a woman? I was only choosing to reinterate my earlier post, in which I said this: And yes, reading your post, I do choose to lump you in with said "sad fools out there that prefer KOTOR 1 to KOTOR 2." You're entitled to And I'm entitled to believe that you're a moron.
  2. So yeah, cheer up. This is probably a good thing: for YOU. :)

  3. Also, I bought a 3-pack of action figures a couple months back. It's called Evolutions: Sith Legacy. It's got Maul (says Phantom Menace under his name), Nihilus (says Knights of the Old Repulic), and Bane (and under HIS name, it says The Old Republic, with a big TM next to it).

  4. They say the time period begins 100 years before Bane, but they DO plan on continuing this thing "from KotOR 3 to KotOR 6". Also, this thing has been PLANNED for years. Look at your copies of 'Path of Destruction' and 'Rule of Two'. What's that it says? "A novel of the Old Republic".

  5. Honestly? I don't know what YOU'RE so uset about. You LURVE BioWare and prefer K1, so... It would be GAY but not suprising in the least if BioWare decided to "milk the cash cow" and try saying Revan's still alive. Also, you know Bane is PROBABLY going to show up somewhere, right?

  6. *sniffle* Jediphile, that was beautiful. I feel the same. I'm still holding out for TSLRP, but, yeah, I agree. And it's sad, really. I'm not going to lie and say that I won't TRY the MMO. But even if it breaks all of my preconceived notions, it will never make its way into the obsessive place that KOTOR 2 has in my heart.
  8. The sad truth is there are more sad fools out there that prefer KOTOR 1 to KOTOR 2. Those same sad fools wanted the franchise back woth BioWare, EA or no. And, sadly, from what I've seen, there ARE more K1/Bioware loving fools out there than there are the rest of us. Lucas probably just went with popular opnion. And I'm willing to bet popular opinion says BioWare.
  9. What I'm not taking we is that LA and BW decided to kill off Revan and the Exile without so much as an explanation as to how or when. :(

  10. What the hell? Miss you, pooh face. :(

  11. Dude, am I the one that came in here crying about the fact that "TSLRP doesn't really matter now"? YES. SOME OF US STILL WANT TO PLAY IT. And don't condescend to try to tell me you're a fan of K2. I don't want to hear that crap. "I would have closed this thread for bashing my company's software by now." OK, so with that logic, you love K2 SOOOOOOOOOOO much more than people who are putting hours of their own time restoring stuff that's contained IN THE GAME FILES. You really have no idea what the TSLRP IS, do you? If you don't like the TSLRP, nobody says you've GOT to play it. It's that simple. SO PISS OFF with your " This thread is about the freedom to express one's thoughts about "Team-Gizka". Good and bad opinions are allowed here."
  12. Look, I'm not here to argue my opinion with you. If you look jolly forward to the MMO, THEN GOOD FOR YOU!!! But don't come onto the TSLRP thread and spout this garbage: Your opinion is NOT the people's opinion. Keep your MMO LURVE talk in the MMO threads.
  13. Nah. I'd rather have the false hope. Really, though, absolutely NO point in keeping this thread open, now.
  14. What utter and complete cack. Way to not even ATTEMPT to finish a story. Oh yeah, and "high-five*, Archie. I agree. More on topic: Agreed. I'd pay to play TSLRP before I pay for the MMO. And I really can't wait, now. Looks like TSLRP is all we're ever going to have.
  15. wait nobody said in that meeting that there will be no k3 maybe we will have to wait a little bit longer!! Yes they did, those b*tches. Straight from the horses mouth: Bullsh*t.
  16. http://www.swtor.com/ I'm SO terribly disappointed. I kknew about the MMO. I just didn't know that it would kill any chance for a K3 like this. The time frame SUCKS. 300 years after K2. and it's looking like K2 never even happened.:(
  17. Everything in the world sucks right now, and ya'll KNOW it. http://www.swtor.com/
  18. Yes I'm alone, but then again I always was...

  19. It's OK. I know that it was Archie that said I was semi-old, not you. ;) And he's begged for forgiveness, so... what can I do?

  20. EPIC FAIL?!?! You think the story in K2 was bad, but "oh, we mind whiped you and now you're gonna save everyone!!!" was thoughtful and deep? Wow, you've got screwy taste. :p

  21. OMG. Is the fact that K1 was "finished" your ONLY reason for thinking that it's even on the same level as K2?

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