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  1. And so, my favorite Bane fanatic, you simply MUST bring the Carth ish talk HERE, too? *sigh* whatever floats your boat, I guess. It just seems to me that you're about as passionate about him as you are Bane. Insecure much? Or maybe just a Carth fanboy in disguise. Oh, yeah, and Carth and Kaidan BOTH rule. That is all.
  2. Just to join in: My Exile usually wields a purple and a yellow/or red. I'm ALWAYS a sentinel. But I'll go red from time-to-time, but I keep the purple. My male Exile will replace purple with Cyan - although the fact that a lightsaber with Cyan is ALWAYS active gets annoying. Atton gets silver and/or orange (which is remarkably close to red, but also more manly than yellow). Visas gets yellow, Brianna & Kriea get purple, Bao gets blue, Mira purple and/or yellow (again, for dual-wielding. I HATE dual wielding the same color light sabers). Mical will get green or veridian (or whatever that other lighter green color is) When I go red, the whole bunch goes red, however. But I'll still mix 'em all up with silver, orange, and purple. And I guess that about covers it. So yes, I guess I try to stick with class solors. But only when I feel like it, really, since everyone in the game seems to be a sentinel. Also, I'd like to quote Wookieepedi under Light sabers: "The color of a lightsaber blade was defined by the focusing crystal used in its construction. The Jedi collected crystals of varying types and hues from natural deposits, whereas the Sith made use of fabricated synth-crystals usually designed to emanate shades of red. After the purges of the Old Republic's Jedi order, synth-crystals were also shaped and used by Jedi on occasion. Luke Skywalker's green blade and Jaina Solo's violet blade both sprang from synth-crystals. Prior to the final battle of Ruusan, ancient Jedi wielded blades of every color and hue. Some of the more common colors were orange, yellow, cyan, blue, green, viridian, violet, silver, and gold. Some ancient Jedi, such as Sylvar, even wielded blades of red hues, although the order typically avoided any colors that might associate them with the Sith. Red was also avoided since it was the most common representation of blood and violence. After the terrifying end of the Ruusan conflict, however, Jedi turned to more common Adegan crystals of blue or green coloration. Other colors, like bronze and brown, did still exist, but were extremely rare. Mace Windu, for example, braved the terrors of Hurikane to find his violet crystal. In the era of the Jedi Civil War, the color of a Jedi's blade was a traditional symbol for the path the Jedi chose in his duties within the order, although a Jedi was not required to use a color that corresponded with his or her Jedi class. A green blade was the sign of the Jedi Consulars, scholarly diplomats and negotiators. Blue was the color associated with Jedi Guardians, the physically vigorous defenders of the galaxy. The third color, yellow, was held for those among the Jedi Sentinels, Jedi who found their skills balanced between physical prowess and scholarly awareness of the Force. For the purposes of the lightsaber's strength, these crystals functioned identically; color was the only variation. After the Great Jedi Purge, Emperor Palpatine razed many of the known crystal sites, making it more difficult to find crystals of any hue. After the rise of the New Jedi Order, however, the discovery of long-forgotten resources and the use of synth-crystals brought a variety of colors back to the order's lightsabers. "
  3. I saw 'The Dark Knight', too. I thought it was a hellova movie. The Joker thing was a bit of a hanging plot line, though. I've heard Ledger finished filming, so I'm guessing the plan was to bring him back for the next film? Also, Maggie Gyllenhaal SOUNDS a lot like Katie Holmes, but DANG. I didn't know why I found her so UGLY. Until I realized, she looks JUST like her brother. And Jake is HOT. But as a woman?
  4. I'm gonna keep this thread in mind next time I play K2. I'll tell you what bonuses exactly that I get for my NPCs.
  5. Wow! Last time I compliment ANYBODY around here, you jerks. :p Pffftttttt.... Yep, that's a raspberry.

  6. And be my friend. :p

  7. Me too. My fave is how they had to make HK gynormously huge! xD

  8. babydol

    And I don't like arguing with people that I believe are smarter than I am. ;)

  9. babydol

    Mmmm... Vodka is YUMMY! It's all I drink. Vodka & schnapps. Vodka & juice. Or Vodka & Vodka.

  10. @ Kyrivian : I just stumble across stuff on the internet, and want to share. :) @ Pi : I'm gonna say Exile. Notice the pony tail? And lipstick. unless we're talking 1 fruity Di. :p @ Accept : No! I want HAPPY videos! For happy thoughts! No sappy love beast vids! ;) I still love the cursing parrot one!

  11. Yes, but what do you do BEFORE that? Have Atton run around unarmed? He's all you'vre got for quite a while, and no way to Jedi-ify him until Nar Shaddaa.
  12. Agreed. And w/o blaster rifles, where does that leave Candalore (♥ that! ) and HK-47? Don't tell me you have anyone but pre-Jedi Atton (and occasionally Mical) dual-wielding blaster pistols?
  13. This hardly explains why he's having trouble with K1 also, now does it. @Strawberry Dutch: Just give it a wee bit of time, and someone techy around here should notice this thread, and be able to give you some advice that'll be more HELPFULL. Hang in there!
  14. That LA/Bioware project is NOT KotOR3. In fact, it's not KotOR at all. See my sig. Meh... until something's ACTUALLY been announced on LA.com or Bioware.com, I'm not giving up hope. There've just been too many articles that have been released contradicting the one in your siggy. So I've learned over time not to believe anything that doesn't come straight from the horse's mouth, be it good OR bad news.
  15. SOOOO true! Well, you SHOULD, damnit! The only reason I'd ever really WANT Bioware to do it, is because they have a looming LA project. So in THEORY, it could be done sooner, rather than later. But, let's face it, Bioware is NOT who they used to be. Do you even know WHY Obsidian ended up with K2, as opposed to Bioware? Bioware told LA they were too busy. Because they were working on that cack 'Jade Empire'. ONE game. Now look at all that Bioware is up to now. Sonic for the DS *yawn*, ME 2 & 3, Dragon Age (I'll be a bit excited about THAT 1), and 3 other 'mysterious' projects, including an MMO and the aforementioned LA project. All right, I'm done. I like Bioware. A lot. I just think it would be PERFECT if Obsidian did K3, is all. Like, as soon as they're done with the Aliens RPG.
  16. Good call. K2 IS quite better than K1, isn't it? :p

  17. Youch. Misery LOVES company, though! :D

  18. Hey, girly! Be my friend. :p

  19. I agree with this. If Bioware's so grand, why not gush about them over there? THAT'S right, they're so very touchy about anything you post on thier boards, and most K3 threads end up locked. I don't mean to sound grouchy about it, but if you think Bioware is the better choice, I think you're CRAZY. How deep was k1, REALLY? There's really no unanswered questions, and as much as I ♥ Mass Effect, it seemed to me to be an updated KOTOR, but w/o having to pay Lucas royalties (and knock back the M rating, which is NEVER gonna happen for a Star Wars game). It's also GLARINGLY obvious that ME is the 1st of a trilogy. It's WAY too short (even completing all side quests), and not much happens in it, except a tiny introduction to some HUGE lurking threat. Don't believe me? Try playing it back-to-back a couple times, and see how bored you become. Also, I doubt there'll be much to discuss regarding that game 4 years from now. Sorry to rant. I guess I'm just grouchy. And I ♥ Bioware. I just worry about them with the whole EA thing, and all. And I ♥ Obsidian TONS more!
  20. Yes, I was a bit disappointed when I read that LucasArts was ducking out of E3 this year. I was hoping for SOME kind of Star Wars goodness to be announced. Oh, well. I'll never give up on the idea of a K3, though. I would PREFER Obsidian do it, but I guess a Bioware K3 would be better than nothing... maybe.
  21. Hi, girlfriend! ☼

  22. Hey, guys! I've been.. busy, but I'll be around again, now! Anybody else get HORRIBLY sunburned over the weekend? *ouch* :(

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