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  1. Are you kidding me? Have you even PLAYED both games?

  2. Erm, yes. K2 does indeed kick K1's ass.

  3. Yeah, and I didn't know about the whole "destroy all those Jedi with force lightening" thing, so the first time I played, Malak took for evah. As to the combat style, I'm not really sure that I can remember, to be honest. I stick with Scout now, but I do belive my choice was purly for the outfits the first time, so I chose scoundrel , then I went with... I don't know. But I like Sentinel a lot now. K2 still kicks K1's ass, however.
  4. How come women like me then? I'm a nice guy. Riiiiiiiiiight.
  5. Agreed. And let's face it. Most of us girls don't like "nice men". Ahem, Mical, I'm talking to you.
  6. I guess I didn't think about the fact that T3 could be the pilot. The very 1st time I saw the end of the game, this was just what I told myself to make myself feel better. Atton HAD to still be alive.
  7. *waves*. Hi! :D

  8. Bah. I don't WANT BioWare to do K3. They can have their MMO. Obsidian needs to do K3. Just as soon as they're done with Aliens and AP.
  9. The ending is the single most disappointing part of the game. It leaves you wondering what the hell just happened. Aside from Kreia's fortune telling (which I think I missed the very first time I played), it appears that all of your party members are dead, except Mira (if you're light sided). And then, the Ebon Hawk falls into a precipice. But then it flies away at the end (which means Atton HAS to be alive, doesn't it? What did Kreia like to say about him? "Some one must fly the ship".) But over the years, I've realized that this kind of open ending isn't such a bad thing. It leaves TONS of room to speculate on what happens next. As far as TSLRP, I will enjoy the ability to take Atton with me to the Unknown Regions at the end, but I would have been happier if they were going to restore the Atris boss fight. It would have been super sweet for the game to end like that, so contradictory to this lovely promo art, where Nihilus is always the dark side of the force, and Atris is always the light.
  10. I'm pretty sure they do, although you might consider posting any trouble you're having over on filefront. I try not to use mods that require you use cheats to get items.
  11. I often go there 1st. Just use stims and shields if you get stuck, but I've never really had a problem there.
  12. My advice? If you started the game 3 years ago, and are just now picking it back up, delete your save files and start over. How on earth are you going to remember anything from before?
  13. *sigh*, sure wish I could draw. I HIGHLY admire those who can.
  14. Here's my journal entry with my thoughts if you're interested: Clickety Basically, I was angry the entire time I played, I think the gameplay itself sould have used more work. But the story was cool. And it's Star Wars. I recommend renting it before you buy it. I haven't seen the DS ending yet, but when I have, it's going back to GAMEFLY.
  15. I LOVE you, Archie. But, yeah. I'm done with this thread, myself. Yes, I like Revan. However, my Revan is a woman. And my Exile could kick her ass if she chose. That is all. (edit: apparently I can't spell today)
  16. *sigh* Which arguement? I know you have this need to argue with neerly everything I post, I want teh kotor 3, but my reply was part of DeathScepter's comment regarding fanboys, and their inabilty to entertain the idea that Nihilus would eat Revan. This has always bugged the ish outta me. I'm a Revan fan, sure. But I hate how when I point out that the Exile powned Nihilus who could pown Revan, it makes the fanboys squeel, "nuh-uh!" We aren't talking about "any normal Force user". We're talking about Revan.
  17. Try LC's site: http://crimsonkeep.com/downloads/kotor2sound/kotor2wav.php she doesn't have EVERYTHING that Tubertarian had, but she's got some pretty cool stuff. As a side note, if anyone happens to actually have the files from Tubertarian, I would LOVE if they shared them with me, too.
  18. And the fact that Nihilus would eat him/her.
  19. Mira and Atton? POSSIBLY a small amount of respect (and a larger amount of mutual disgust). Pi, I see your point regarding Bao and Atton. They do kinda grow on each other. And the fact that Atton goes to Bao to ask about his chances with the Exile (reminds me of Han asking Luke "What do you think? Maybe a princess and a guy like me?" I just can't help but recall when you first meet Bao on Telos. When you notice the mercs, Atton says, "maybe we should just hand the Zabrak over." And just for laughs, I want to share this again: clickety. :lol:
  20. Looks like you're gonna be sticking around (lots of noobs come and go around here), so I figured it was about time that I added ya! ;)

  21. It's not just 1 line, Mr. Obsessed. It's actually having the ability to see that Bastila loves Revan so much that she's hanging about waiting for him. But I could care less if you prefer Cede's ishy voice actor over Carth. :p If he really scares you THAT much...

  22. Agreed. Carth's trust issues would be a big problem. And anyone paying attention would notice that Atton really doesn't like anyone BUT the Exile.
  23. Meh... I don't know about that. As much as I like them both, they WOULDN'T get along. At all. This is probably about what would happen. And interesting story alternative to them teaming up, but, yeah. Carth's just so... straight, and by the book. And Atton's just so... anti-Carth, I guess. I could see Mical and Carth getting along pretty well. But Mical's too much of a wuss to stand up to Atton. Carth, on the other hand... Yeah, they'd just fight.
  24. Hey! I found your wrist console! Link to it from that thread you made. ;)

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