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  1. OS: Windows XP v 5.1 2600 build Pack 3=passed CPU: intel® Pentium® Dual CPU E2140 @ 1.60GHz=warning RAM: 2040=passed HD: C: (NTFS), UNICODE 130.61 GB free=passed Video: Intel® G33/31 Express chipset family 128MB=warning Audio=Realtek Audio Output=passed OpenGL: intel - 1.4.0 - Build Direct X: Direct X 9.0=passed that's my test and I can't play past the character creation. A video begins to play than it says there is a problem with the program and that is consistent every time I try to play it.
  2. Darth Truculis from the word Trucuelent which means ruthless.
  3. Studying for my physics exam and writing music for my college audition.
  4. I liked the game I felt like I was actually a powerful jedi using the force and a unique form of lightsaber combat. Also the lightsaber duels were not half bad.
  5. I used a duel wielding style as a DS jedi consular and I had Revan's robe. I kicked ass both with the force and slashing people with my duel weapons it was fun my model had long hair and pale skin very fitting dark lord look.
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