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  1. Sorry you're having trouble. I just got lucky, and have a really good laptop. I should mention that Mass Effect looks like ish on it, though. And thanks to SecuROM, I can't even try the damn game on my desktop PC.
  2. Me: HK-47 for his sense of humor Violet (since the game lacks pink) And I picked shock/lightning/storm, but ONLY because the poll lacks Force Crush as an option.
  3. That would be nice. As I'm not very techy, but I DO enjoy storyline discussion.
  4. gotta admit, there's more to talk about HERE than with K1. Hooray for hanging plot lines, confusing stories, and deep characters!!!
  5. So... um... DN, have you seen the Clone Wars yet? I don't wanna start a flame war with all the fanboys, but MAN. There was a few people that actually left the theater in the middle of it. And my kids got really bored (last movie that happened in was Bee Movie). I think there were people sleeping? Anyway, it was... strange. The music was bad. I mean, BAD. And, well, nothing really happened. Or was solved. There wasn't even an opening crawl, for heaven's sake. I miss real people. Voice actors are great. But... Well, maybe I just over-hyped myself. And expected too much. Cuz at the end of the day, it was just a cartoon. Check out it's rating on imdb. I especially enjoed this guy's review: Lame-O, 15 August 2008 Author: canceramic from United States Watching this movie is like spending $20 to watch your big brother play a video game for 2 hours. The writing is terrible, and the graphics are really poor. I thought that this kind of herky-jerky animation was a thing of the past. The battle-droid's cheesy jokes occasionally amused my 6 yr. old daughter. There was a whole lot of yawning going on in the theater. I had a feeling that this movie was going to be awful, and it didn't prove me wrong. A real waste of time and money. I am trying to think of a positive to write, but it is just not coming to me. OH, I've got one...I'd rather watch this again than to go and suffer through WALL-E again.
  6. Oh, and I meant . This is what happens when you type too fast.
  7. about my pic, I don't know, Pi. i just found it kicken' around the internet late one night. Sorry. :(

  8. NO, and NO, pooh face. Same thing happened to me like 6 months back, I found that game kicken' around my house, and since it's not supported on the 360, I had my man go to all the trouble of setting our dusty-old xbox original back up just so I could play it. It's not really the fact that this game has horrible graphics by today's standards, it's the control scheme. And the game's plot. I found it beyond boring. So I stopped playing it and popped in Jedi Outcast instead. But yeah, without being a **** about it, Archie is right. I suggest trying the tutorial for yourself, and if the controls don't drive you mad, try that 1st level (I kept accidently slaying all those innocent women, because I'd use my thumbstick to turn, when it's actually a "swing light saber" stick). I made it past the 1st 3 levels before I became bored and moved on to something else. :boggrin:
  9. He's funny and sarcastic, but like I've said before, I'll never forget how let down I felt the very first time he joined my party. Who needs more than 2 droids? And if you think G0-T0 is brilliant, you've gotta think highly of HK and T3. T3 was BORING in K1. But in K2, it seems he's the only one who knows what's really going on. And HK, well, he's HK. I don't really think he's over rated. He's funny as hell. G0-T0 IS compelling, but he'd be better as a boss, or as some kind of side quest that you need to track down and deactivate.
  10. Yay!!! Poohface! :D

  11. I was confused when I just got on. But I LIKE the changes! There's a poll and everything!
  12. Yay!!! someone agrees! I was gonna make my review a bit more imformative, but I really did run outta time while I was typing. Let's just say it was pretty weak, and in no way does it belong next to the other Mummy movies.
  13. Actually, Archie, I had NO idea what you even meant by "I would have made out with my brother if I didn't know he was Leah", so I just kinda left that comment alone. xD And nobody around here can spell for sh*t anyway. :p

  14. I just realized that I haven't really complained about the new Mummy movie yet. I saw The Mummy: Tomb of the Dragon Emperor on saturday. 1st I want to start out by saying that I'm a HUGE fan of the 1st 2 films. I never really liked Brendan Fraser because of the types of films he's in, but these movies changed my mind about him. His character is VERY crush-worthy, and he's funny enough to keep the movies interesting. And I ADORE John Hannah! Goodness, does he make me laugh. So now, we get to this movie. I will list my grievances first. To be fair, I came into this movie with a piss-poor attitude. I WANTED to hate it. Mainly because I'm such a fan of Rachel Weisz. She's GORGEOUS. Her awkward-dorky-but-learning-to-be-strong take on Evelyn is PERFECT. She and Fraser also have great chemistry. My own belief is that Univeral should have done what ever was needed to get her into this film. Be it $ or script changes what ever. And if that wasn't possible, just write her out. Say she was away. Or something. Also, no Oded Fehr or even Arnold Vosloo. Let's just drop the whole "Mummy" franchise, and call this something new, why don't we? But this film does take a turn for the better. Mainly when the Yetti appear. And if it's got to be someone new, Jet Li was a good choice. He's always given me the creeps, since I first saw Leathal Weapon 4 years ago. He's SCARY to me. I need to wrap this up cuz I've got to go. All-in-all, it was a pretty good film. But it would have been WAY better with Weisz.
  15. You know, if you HATE Carth and Kaidan so much, you can always just NOT talk to them.

  16. @ I want teh kotor 3 : Oh NO YOU DIDN'T just bring your Carth ish talk into MY Profile page! :verymad:. And Kaidan RULES. Can't you just get over your Sbarge hate, already? At least, with me. I think he kicks *ss. And you know I do. You're just trying to get my dander up.

  17. Also, fighting spirit... I could go on & on.

  18. @ Archie :D :lol:

    And AGAIN @ Poohface: how could you possibly pick Carth over Atton? I'm a big Carth fan, too, but who's the bad*ss x-Sith Force sensitive, and who's just a by-the-book Republic Soldier? ATTON FTW!!!

  19. @ poohface: did you NOT notice how bad*ss Vader looks? You guys have no taste.

  20. @ UnknownRegions: I do believe that Han is rockin' a 6-string bass. I could be wrong. Most bands don't need 3 guitars, tho. :p

  21. thanks. :p Check out what I found NOW. xD

  22. Meh.. don't ask me questions that are going to make me analyze it. I don't really know what I like most about KotOR 2. All of it, I guess. The story is always the most important part of ANY game for me, but characters are what make RPGs great. And the fact that it's all Star Wars seals the deal. So yeah, I don't know. I'd like to vote in the poll, but I really can't pick.
  23. As frustrating as waiting may be for some of us that are super-impatient, (because after all, it's been like YEARS) at the end of the day, I still REALLY appreciate Team Gizka. I'm CRAZY-excited to play the RP. The sooner it's done, the better, but I think we'll all agree that a bug-free version is what we want. TSL, as much as I ♥ it, has enough bugs already. We will ALL bow down when it's finished. So try to keep that in mind now.
  24. Sup, girlfriend!!! Yay! Mods and such! :p

  25. If you DO figure out which mod it is, please lemme know which, 'cuz I'd LOVE to check it out!
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