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  1. Hey! Lookie what I found!!! clickety Ya'll are lucky I'm such a nice girl. Or I WOULDN'T share.
  2. Oh, please. So you miss out on Bastila's "I cannot live, not knowing the answer" just so you don't have to see Carth? Anyhow, here's a vid I made putting together everything Bastila, INCLUDING that end scene (and said holocron).
  3. I agree with D.N. ^^. The holocron message is of Bastila speaking of a dark sided Revan. So you've got to tell Atton that Revan was dark sided when you meet him on Peragus, or the holocron will break every time (that's what I'd been doing wrong the 20 times I first played K2). Trade off is, you'll see the holocron, but Carth won't be in K2 AT ALL. And therefore, if you've set Revan as a male, Bastila won't be hanging around Telos after you've left the Ravager. Instead of Carth, the Admiral will be this random dude:
  4. Naw. I'm a big nobody. You know that. :p

  5. hey, stranger! Where U been?

  6. Just kidding. Glad you've got it all worked out now.
  7. I did and it hurt my eyes, might want to try another color scheme There you go, cry babies. Changed it, just for you. Darker purple. Any better, ya think? Also, the ENTIRE point, did you read and understand? GaspardDeadlyAssailant, for M4-78, you need to do a hell of a lot more than toss it in your override. you've got this version, correct? Read the info.rtf that came with it.
  8. Riiiiiiight. Just because you think so? I say again. Nihilus is the kicker betwixt those to. Exile OWNED Nihilus. But Nihilus would eat Revan.
  9. Normally I'd considder something like this just too mean, but right now it's maken' me laugh SOOO hard. Anyway, carry on. And my 2 cents? Revan is cool, but the Exile is COOLER.
  10. Erm... did you not even TRY to read my blog? It IS step-by-step instructions. I'll go ahead and post it here, in case links scare you, or what ever. First, you need to make a new folder on your computer somewhere - you can name it TSL mods(for K2, or just KOTOR mods for K1. I'd advise you NOT to stick mods for both games in 1 folder), and place it on your desktop if you want easy access, but I put mine in with my documents. This is where you want to save the mods that you download. Be sure to read the mod descriptions as you pick and choose what you want to try out. Some mods can only be activated with cheats, and I prefer not to go there. Oh yeah, and if you don't have WinRar, you'll need it. http://www.rarsoft.com/download.htm Once you've saved all the mods you want to try, you can start installing them. There are 2 different types of mods. Ones that use the TSL patcher, and ones that don't. I used to like the ones with the patcher more (they're pretty quick & easy to install), but now that I know what I'm doing a little more, the other ones are actually my preferred. They come OFF a lot easier (and that's a REALLY good thing). Mods come with a 'read me' file, that usually tells you what to do from here. The ones with the TSL patcher are pretty easy, if they ask you where you'd like them installed, go : Computer > C drive (or whatever your computer's main drive is called - mine's called 'Princess of Power'!) > Program files > LucasArts, then > KotOR 2. Really be sure to read the 'read me's, though, because some mods go into modules and such. If a mod suggests that you back up your files FIRST, do so! This usually means that something in the original game is going to be overwritten. Make a copy of whichever folder you will be extracting to, and stick it somewhere you can find it later. If you don't and a mod doesn't work for you, you'll have to uninstall the game from your PC, and completely re-install it again. Which sucks. Now, if you run on Vista, you'll require an extra couple steps in this process. You won't be able to extract files that don't have the TSL patcher directly into the override (or modules, etc.). You'll need to create yet ANOTHER folder (I just named mine 'Mods' and stuck it on my desktop). Extract the mod's files to this folder. Then copy the files that you just extracted, and paste them where they go. And voil
  11. I already replied to your question about installing mods (in that other thread you made), but really, most mods come with a 'read me' that tells you exactly what to do. And M4-78 is one such mod.
  12. Is there a Best Buy near you? I seem to remember seeing a few copies there not to long ago. Also, make sure to check places like Target, if you have one near you.
  13. As everybody knows, I'm a MASSIVE fan of Jennifer Hale: Also, the sexiness that is Raphael Sbarge's voice. I've loved every character I've ever heard him do. Carth and Kaidan, yes, but also Scorch from Republic Commando. K2, I went with Nicky Katt, of course, but also Sara Kestelman. She's pretty damn awesome. Edit: Oh, I forgot to add, that although I'm not a HUGE fan of Mical, Greg Ellis has a GREAT voice! (too late to add a vote for him, but I would if I could).
  14. I KNOW, I'm a nerd. xD

  15. I'm not trying to flame you in ANY way, but why the hell would they want to do that? Mass Effect was a great game, sure, but that doen't meant Obsidian can't do their own greatness. And I HATED Mass Effect on my PC. Seems to me that Mass Effect was exclusively desingned with console gamers in mind. Better off doing something different for K3, if you ask me.
  16. OOOOOHHHHH! I SO hope this leads to some mod goodness! Anyone that could help Scarletguard out, I'd appreciate it, too!
  17. Yay! You cookin' up a Bao-Dur vid (this is tehPrincessJ, BTW)? I'll keep my eye out! :D

  18. "If you noticed my whole party is outside and want to know how I did it. I used the Defender's Wrist Console. The reason behind doing it in this video is to torment you. " Ha, ha! Shem cracks me up! P.S. @ SilentOne: You trying to make a vid of your own? Why would you want EVERYONE with you? Just curious.
  19. Sorry, girly, I don't know anything about that. if I want specific dialog for any of my up coming fanfics, I'm gonna have to play thru the game again and listen. I don't really plan on doing any K1 stories, though. K2's much more my speed. I'd be interested in whatever answers you get here (assuming they might help me with K2).
  20. I wouldn't mind the option to play as a Twi'Lek now and again. But I'd still prefer human. P.S. Twi'Leks are from Ryloth.
  21. How have I missed this thread when it's been up since May? OH YEAH, all the techy crap that litters this board is why. And yes, it IS rather obvious. As much as I love my fem Revan, and I do know there are deep motives behind everything SHE did, Exile, FTW. And I'm SO sorry, Revan fanboys, but you know it's true, too. Why? Two words. Darth Nihilus. He would POWN Revan. And eat her. Can't beat him unless you happen to be a wound in the force... so... paper beats rock. Also, read somewhere that Nihilus's mask was originally meant to be a piece of Revan's scull. As much as I DON'T want her dead, did anybody around here hear that? Or did I dream it, or something. And yes, I KNOW that's not how the story ended up. I just remember hearing it years back when I'd already decided I REALLY loved K1, but hadn't played K2 yet. So like, years ago.
  22. Erm... Guess I'm just lucky then, cuz I've never had any problems. Actually runs better on my laptop then my hubby's desk top computer. Also ,(doi) with Vista.
  23. Sombody should have warned me there was an age requirement then. As to the Crawl (and music), it's simply a Star Wars staple. It ain't really Star Wars without it. And again, My 4 and 7 year old kids were bored outta their minds.
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