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  1. Hey, wheres Chewbacca? I think I smell... eww... wookie? ...Naw, thats Architect. :shifty:

  2. Hey, girly! Be my friend. :p

  3. What's 1/cosĀ©?

  4. Happy belated birthday! Sorry I missed it...


  5. You gave me yet another reason to play KotOR II again. And for that I thank you. :)


  6. On subject of turrets, keep GOTOs turrets up. They shoot the mercenaries too. You still get XP. :)

  7. Yep, I totally used to get all happy when I was able to kill all those troopers w/ the turret gun. Then I realized how much XP and loot I was missing out on...

  8. Haha. Nice video you sent there. And I love the screenshot. One time I killed all the troopers before they got on the ship and my brother got insanely jealous. XD


  9. Rawr.


  10. c'mon, Accept, really? I know the 1st things you see when you run a search for Chewbacca on YouTube are "my hoover sounds like Chewbacca" & "Trash Can on Train sounds Like Chewbacca". but that montage I found was ever so much more awesome. Especially w/ Duran Duran. :p

  11. Best I could find for you:

  12. Haha. Thanks for the comments! :)

    I enjoyed Ironman alot, tho I think I saw it too many times. Prince Caspian I loved, for some reason it seemed "real" to me. Plus, Ben Barnes is awesome. Indy was...okay. Not as good as the originals. There's my review! ;]


  13. bah... it cut me off... lol

    anyhow, haven't seen Indy yet... everyone's "It was good" without enthusiasm reviews have put me off a bit... :)

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