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  1. Well this Wookie's getting old. Time to GTFO of Rwokorowoo I'd say.

  2. Yeah, it is, along with ignorance, gullibility and ineptitude. :shifty:

    Anyway, never mind Accept, he's just jealous because I took Omelette away from him. :shifty:

  3. Hahaha. Perhaps overconfidence is his weakness? & I'm sure you'd put up a heck of a fight. :) lol

  4. Architect? Want a girl? Hmm...I'm having some trouble imagining it. :p

    Anyway, I am doing wonderfully - & how is my favorite Swede?

  5. Not to worry, I forgot all about - wait, who are you anyway? :shifty:

    As for how I am, well, I'm in stitches! Accept seriously believes he's too superior for me to duel with! HAHAHA! Isn't that the funniest thing you've ever heard since yesterday? :shifty:

  6. Hey you! of course I remember my girlfriend, and the one girl The Architect wanted but I was way to supreme for him to duel with. :shifty: but seriously, how are you? :)

  7. hey you! remember me? i finally got online again. :p


  8. I'm back! Finally. Sorry it took me so long. :( How's things?



  9. You've been gone for ages, and that sucks. :(

  10. See, look what you've done, Accept; you've scared her off. Congratulations :shifty:

  11. That's your mum, actually. :shifty:

    Damn it hamster, come back! :(

  12. Hey, wheres Chewbacca? I think I smell... eww... wookie? ...Naw, thats Architect. :shifty:

  13. You sure were, ****in prick. :shifty:

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