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  1. OMG another bad link. That's it, I fail at life. :(

  2. Damnit!!! Fine, then look under Character love stories.

  3. I'm just teasing. No worries :)

  4. turning Japanese, I think I'm turning Japanese, i really think so...

  5. OMG!!! I keep F'n up! This One: is right http://mwar.deviantart.com/art/Atton-and-Ngila-16004096 or I give up. PS. please delete my other comments.

  6. no, some people around here pointed out to me something I'd never noticed: the phoenix on Marvel Girl's back COULD possibly be construed as a male organ with wings (by very dirty people). after that, I just didn't see the pic in the same light.

  7. you crack me up

  8. thank you, darling. I was kinda forced into changing it. People around here suck!!! XD

  9. BTW, all that crap about my old personal pic = mean!!!

  10. I hate you guys.

  11. happy b-day, horsey! Also, girl, you must be CRAZY putting a real pic of yourself on the internet. Some nasty psycho could make it his wallpaper!!! :D

  12. Don't worry, it'll be our little secret. :) I guess I just thought you were MUCH older...

  13. a Phoenix, you naughty girl.

  14. I don't care what you say, the tatoos branded on Marvel Girl's back were NOT of naughty things!!!

  15. stop trying to ruin my love for my own personal photo!!! pooh face! :b

  16. I won't tell anybody, I promise. :D

  17. Arg!!! Everyone on this site is CRAZY!!!!

  18. Manaan kicks butt. And also, my personal photo is all in your dirty mind!!!


  19. You hate me now, cuz I don't like Hillary, huh? :(

  20. Boys are stupid.

  21. good morning, girlfriend!!! Oops, did I just call you a GIRL?

  22. I do believe they're fighting over you, girlfriend. :)

  23. the Coreys SHOULD be dead, but they're not. Just older & fatter.

  24. my local time says that it's 12:46, but it's actually 1:46. Don't know how that happened. daylight savings, maybe?

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